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02-04-2013, 09:40 AM
Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
Other than BO/HyTorp builds BUFFED DHCs are really the only things that can break ships and it's b/c of the frontloaded damage. If you remove that the game will drag on much more. Seriously against a coordinated premade or even pugmade see how well or poorly DCs do.
Originally Posted by voxlagind View Post
As it stands, they're forced to balance healing around burst damage (escorts) which as result makes all the other ship classes who don't burst seem inadequate.
Healing is balanced around PvE encounters. That healing is too much for PvP without the possibility of the burst in buff gaps or against nuked p2wsucks said.

As for the other ship classes that can't burst...well, I think it kind of comes down to this:

Buff/Heals vs. Debuff. DPS waiting.

So you've got your Cruisers and Science Vessels doing their dance. Escorts thrown in to make that dance interesting - keep it moving - and to land a killing blow when it presents itself.

Say Team A calls Player X as the target. Team A's going to buff themselves while trying to debuff Player X. Team B's going to try to buff Player X, heal Player X, clear any debuffs. Team A's going to try to clear buffs, heals, and keep debuffs going. Maybe Team A was just setting up Team B with the idea they're after Player X...they're really going after Player Y. They switch targets while Team B's goodies are on CD while having kept most of their own goodies in reserve. Bam, they pop Player Y and then press their advantage while the other team's down a player waiting on respawn.

If it's a case that everybody should be able to burst - well, then everybody should be able to tank - everybody should be able to heal - everybody should be able to drop Sci goodies out there...

...and well, I suppose one could say that with the way DOFFs and passives are going, burst might be the only thing missing. So maybe it is what we'll see next...meh. So maybe there is a point to it.

We should all queue up in whatever ship we want, press our spacebar, and all our DOFFs/passives will take care of the rest. The system will roll two six sided dice...high roll wins. Yay...PvP!

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