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# 1 T5 Escort Advice
02-04-2013, 06:46 AM
I have just returned to the game and I am currently rocking the Patrol Escort I got for free when I hit level 45.

Now I see lots of new ships, with 10 consoles, extra BOFF slots etc and my question is....is my ship still viable if I wanted to try STF Hard Modes or do I need to drop dollars on one of the new ships?

I know things will be easier if I do.....but is my ship viable?
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# 2
02-04-2013, 07:10 AM
For pve(elite stfs) your ship is more than viable

fleet patrol escort is great you get extra hull shields and survivability from an extra console but against the Borg your really don't need it if you were going to be pvp then of course you would need to invest
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02-04-2013, 09:02 AM
I ran the standard patrol escort until the start of 2013. Its still very viable, and a tough ship with the engineering lean. I ran 150+ ESTFs with it. I can only speak for PVE though.
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02-04-2013, 09:19 AM
Still viable, yes. If looking to invest, there is the fleet defiant, Steam Runner (better specs than Fleet Defiant), and of course the hard to get goodies such as the temp destroyer and bug ship. Based on info from Feedback at the moment the Steam Runner and Temp Destroyer seem to be top dog at the moment. That of course also takes into account pilot abilities, etc....
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02-04-2013, 09:49 AM
Every escort has its place it just depends on how u like to play, I would sugest u get yourself a fleet variant. The fleet and fleet patrol are tanky escorts good for starting out, u can hammer out the dmg and keep yourself in the fight longer. The fleet tactical escort or defiant class, is a azz kicker decloack dmg boost 5 tactical slots and well it's the Defiant. High burst dmg, drop the bomb and get the f out of there things like evasive and eng bat will save ur life. you are not gonna go toe to toe with a bug but your gonna give him a hell of a head ache when you decloack behind him. For the most bang for your buck my advice is get your self the t4 fleet advanced escort and get the best of both worlds.

for more info feel free to contact me in game.

Good luck and have fun out there...8D


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