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# 11
02-02-2013, 05:25 PM
<hope>Could be that the system doesnt quite have the space to accommodate a Romulan selection. </hope>
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# 12
02-02-2013, 06:43 PM
Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
Always makes me nervous when they talk about totally redesigning something. tends to make thing extremely buggy.
That's because they never test anything!
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# 13
02-02-2013, 06:49 PM
The one thing I am hoping for is the ability to LOCK each customization option so that if you hit RANDOM the LOCKED settings are not randomized. As is in Champions and other games.
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# 14
02-02-2013, 10:53 PM
Something I figure must be involved in the revamp is organizing sliders. For noses we have height, width, length, and nose bridge equivalents, plus nostril controls. I imagine they'd at least put these together in a tab of sorts.

I could see them 'linking' some sliders for simplicity(much like Gorn just have 'bulk' and 'physique' instead of individual bulk and stomach sliders). But I'd hope that they don't limit the range of options, especially for aliens. I know I'd get to keep my custom aliens, but I'd hate to not be able to make a member of the same species without outright copying the exact costume. It just wouldn't be possible when crossing factions or genders.
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# 15
02-03-2013, 12:22 AM
In my opinion, the one thing Cryptic was always awesome on was customization. It worked in COH, CO, STO, and i'm hoping NW has a great one as well, but in my opinion it could definitely use some touching up, especially over on CO. I even had a thread started to petition it but as far as i know it got buried and i couldn't find it.

the new system will hopefully put the current one to shame though as well as adding a LOT of new traits. Especially with how outdated the current ones are, which are the same since launch, no? Now would be a great time to add more special races like romulans, androids, photonic life forms, and possibly augments.
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# 16
02-03-2013, 10:22 AM
I hope we see more mixable options with the changes. I want to be ablet o mix off duty and duty uniforms, MACO outfits, etc. I espeically want to use different rank styles on uniforms that they don't currently work on. Relativity ranks for exxample would look awesome on so many other uniforms like the AGT or even TNG, ENT, and so on.
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# 17
02-03-2013, 06:11 PM
All caps for my geeky emphasis;


It's okay on the Seven costume because it was designed that way in the show. But the regular uniform didn't have boob socks. Not even Troi and T'pol... Two characters created solely for their boobs... didn't have boob socks.

It makes it look like the devs have never seen a woman outside of porn. And it might go a long way to fixing the communicator clipping issues and Centersolace can finally see his WoK badge.
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# 18
02-04-2013, 04:03 AM
Maybe it is adding the undershirt option for female open tops.
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# 19
02-04-2013, 10:59 AM
Well, that could explain why many of the tailor bugs have gone un-addressed. They're just rebuilding the whole damn thing.
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# 20
02-04-2013, 12:43 PM
This has me all twisted cant wait
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