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02-04-2013, 10:03 AM
Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
That is my point exactly. This mess got started when the repeatedble version of IOR was debuted. But it's rewards are probably too high for something you can do once every 20 mins or so....
Not really if you account for normal playtimes of 1-3hours. That's not a lot of farming, but goodenough for someone to feelgood and progressive, even if done only two or three times. There willalways be obsessive who farm for hours, but thats outlier.

If anything rewards acrosstheboard since season7 are too low. If you noticed there were weekly economychanges after season7 was thrustupon us until the last IOR change -- whichmeans cryptic was happy with player reception and economicactivity (until timid nerf).

I don't understand why its a mess. It brought in more audience, and even if most are not into your genre-- some are and that is a net positive in market share for you. And to be honest, grinds are by definition boring -- otherwise theyd be called happyfuntime repeatables. Look at the Foundry listing right now -- are "grinders" dominating? No it isa mix. Players are already getting bored. Is that not what you're looking for?

EDIT: Let's please continue the discussion in this thread: -- I'd like to keep everything in one place so that feedback on this subject is easy to find for those that I pass it along to. Thanks for understanding. -Brandon
Leave nerfing to the professionals.

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