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(I'm joshing for fun here, so no one has to go one a long rant about anything said. )

The thread about ideas for a new Star Trek series had of late become more about what is canon or not. But there are some things that are canon that need more explanation. Like:
  1. Romulan ale. Its illegal in the Federation, right? But as we've seen in the shows, Starfleet officers seem to be able to get it anyway. But why is it illegal? Alcohol isn't illegal in the Federation, even though they have synthehol. (synthehol is for lightweights!) Even if its illegal for Romulan brewers to sell it to the Feds, that doesn't make it illegal for the Feds unless its a FEDERATION law that its banned. Besides, couldn't an average fed citizen just go home and have his personal replicator make it anyway? (fighting urge to not go on my rant about replicators...maybe another time) Is there a total ban on trade with the romulans in that time period (Kirk through Picard)? If not wouldn't a savvy shipping business import it? seems silly to turn away a profitable business venture. If it were me, I'd be all like "Come to Star Enterprises Imports! The sole importer of T'Lek's bonafide Romulan Ale! Its great for Oktoberfest parties!" (and we know they have Oktoberfest, since Sisko and Cal Hudson remarked on going to one at "New Berlin" in the early DS9 episodes.
  2. Tribbles hate klingons. But they like Vulcans. But do they like Romulans?
  3. Vulcan is a hot planet, as we've seen in the series. (though, it can't be all desert). I think Spock once said in an old episode how he found the Enterprise to always be a little colder than what he's comfortable in...and he's half human). So wouldn't vulcans serving in Starfleet.,...which we can easily see have more humans than nonhumans on their ships...(maybe humans are the "tribbles" of humanoid species in the Trekverse, breeding prodigously) find starships uncomfortable? They evolved on a planet that is by our terms, pretty hot and arid. By the same token Andorians come from a frozen planet. Wouldn't they find temperatures unbearable at say 80 or more degrees farenheit? Here in Fayetteville, NC it can get downright stupid hot a few weeks of the summer. I'd love to invite an Andorian (if they were real) to one of my BBQs. "Hey Shran, you want another burger...oh, daggone it, he passed out again.".
  4. What exactly is klingon bloodwine made of? Does it have blood in it?
  5. I can honestly say I would shareDoctor McCoy's reservations about the Transporter. Wouldn't you?

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