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# 1 There's no way around it...
02-05-2013, 06:08 AM
Guys....we need Romulan STF Missions.

Okay, now lemme explain why. Grinding for Omega Marks, and Dilithium is unbelievably simple thanks to the PvE queues and the rewards you get for the time put in. Anywhere I go, all I have to do is go to the PvE queue, join Infected Space Elite....accepted 5 seconds later, BAM. In about 35 minutes I just made ~75 Omega Marks, 960 Dilithium, and 1-11 BNPs, accounting for up to 2000 more dilithium. A couple of these a day I can fill my projects daily with plenty of Omega Marks left over for equipment requisitions. SWEET!

Now let's do the Romulan Reputation!, well I'm at DS9, so I guess I'm gonna have to cross space to even get to New Romulus...and when I get there, I can do about 2 missions in maybe 35-40 minutes, that's 20 Romulan Marks plus 5 for the Beginning a New Future mission...about 25 marks in the time it makes for me to get 3x as many of the Borg Reputation System AND I get dilithium out of the latter. see a problem here yet?

So I appeal and say Please give us Romulan STFs. I get that the Romulan missions are easier and therefore grant us less marks, but why can't we have harder missions with greater rewards?

What if we got some space/ground missions involving Stealth Strikes against the Tholians or the Tal Shiar? Plus Elite versions, giving us ~75 Romulan Marks and 960 Dilithium (or Fleet Marks ([50]?). This will be much more convenient than having to fly to the Tau Dewa Sector Block, beam down to New Romulus and get less than half the rewards in the same amount of time.

To ensure that New Romulus doesn't lose its popularity at the same time (and this goes for the War Zones on Defera and Nukara as well) I recommend increasing the rewards to 30 Romulan Marks per mission completed (except for Epohh tagging which is different) and a bonus 20 for the Beginning a New Future mission.
More anything?
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