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Lets just say the the world had ended back on december 21, 2012, but right beore it did you have 7 STAR GATES open right in front of you. You can see from the 7 Gates....

1. A world that looks almost something from Lord of the Rings.

2. A world that looks closely like Blade Runner.

3. A world that looks somewhat like something from the Marvel universe.

4. A world that looks Slightly like Star Trek right after the Show Enterprise.

5. A world that looks Strongly like Star Wars after the Return of the Jedi.

6. A world the looks just like the DC Universe.

7. A world that is full of tropical islands.

You don't have much time to pick, and the people that see the gates are running your way. You don't know how long you have, so you must make you choice in the matter of seconds.


What would you pick, and what do you see your self doing right now 2 months later in that new place.

Oh and to be fair about it, you would get 1000 in whatever currentcy once you crossed over, and something to use as transport of that period to get your around. Maybe so people run in with you too, I know i would. lol

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