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# 1 The Tac/Sci/Eng Team
02-05-2013, 12:58 PM
"maybe you can hire the A-Team"

sorry needed it out of the way.

Now on a more serious matter balance/use/ubiquity whatever you wish to term it as.

Tac team: does anyone ever use TT2 or TT3? the others seem to have some use for the higher versions: ET3 is suggested every now and then in builds, I believe I've seen ST2 or 3 occasionally.

Personally I'm starting to feel like: D**m you Tac Team for being so essential that I feel ET is hurting yourself, and even Sci team is a waste of a slot. (Sci cap in a Chell'Grett).

Please someone reassure me I'm not alone in this... (or alternatively point out that I am and tell me why)

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