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02-05-2013, 01:12 PM
After I saw the pictures about the Cheyenne and Nebula with their saucer separation.

I am going to ask this to cryptic just for a try. I remember that Cryptic are planning to experiment with the older ships and new ships with new design and it's possible that they can do it above.

Why not?

The Consitiution class, Excelsior, Ambassador, Miranda, Oberth, NX-class and the other ships who are not released yet like the New Orleans, Niagara and Freedom.

Yes they are old ships but when I see this ships in Star Trek Online and I am thinking afterwards .

"This is star trek for me" as I want it as everbody does and it what is comes next ahead of us like the rumors of a new playable faction to play a Romulan and many more news to come.

I am happy today to have the Ambassador ship and I enjoy it. Even also the other ships too.

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