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# 1 Tier 5 shipyard access offers
02-05-2013, 05:50 PM
Hello fellow fleeters,
I am happy with my fleet, but the drawback is we are not huge. We're currently stuck upgrading to Tier 3, trying to tackle about 800,000 worth of dilithium projects. I cannot afford to donate a lot of dilithium, but I have not stopped playing, so I am accumulating a lot of fleet marks.

Now, I have heard some offer access to their Tier 5 ships in exchange for millions of EC. Trouble is I don't have a lot of that either. What I'm wondering is, does anyone have a Tier 5 shipyard (but still needs other upgrades) who is interested in letting me buy a ship in exchange for fleet marks for your other upgrades or your embassy? Or fleet provisions for your embassy? I've got over 100,000 fleet credits I'd gladly spend on embassy provisions for your embassy.

Is there any fleet who will negotiate for items other than large amounts of EC? Thanks.

If you like Foundry missions, try mine here!

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