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02-06-2013, 10:44 AM
I can understand the money aspect of this, the more dilithium we can refine a day equals less money in the developers pockets. BUT, increasing the cap to 16,000 for vet or lifetime member would not be so terrible. Even at refining 16,000 a day it would still take 13 days to do one of the special starbase missions and it would still take 3 days to make any kind of shield, defelctor or engines in the reputation system and that is only the dilithium aspect of it. My point is if they want the dilithium to stay in a certain range, they should set it and not allow for it to push beyond those boundries to make sure they keep funding going and still be reasonable to player needs, and the amount of zen being converted into dilithium should just be icing on the cake and not something they rely on for consistent income.
Even if they increase the dilithium amount to 12,000 a day, it would still require 5 days to refine for a regular starbase mission or 5 people to donate. This seems pretty reasonable especially considering the small fleets out there that can't make any progress or even think about doing those special missions that are offered. You could buy a Mk XI blue consol in a day which seems reasonable considering it would take 10 days to buy all the consols and if we consider the time it takes to buy everything for a ship using dilithium out of the dilithium store it would take 33 days using 12,000 a day. Currently, it takes 49 days to fit a ship using the dilithium store and that is assuming you can reach the 8000 dilithium cap in a day.

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