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When your favorite fleet wasn't busy policing Drozana, making it safe for your children, they were hard at working building the best damn embassy in Starfleet. Our first mission is to extend that hand of diplomacy to the forums. Behold, the fruits of our labor:

I've already detailed my disappointment with the tier 3 embassy tailor, but I will say the the lobby and OPS at least look gorgeous, see for yourselves:

More details on the final upgrade, the Specialty Consumable Broker, when it finishes tomorrow.

Following a private celebration being held this weekend, invites to the embassy for consoles, boffs, or costumes are freely available to anyone that can find and ask a Wesley for one.

edit: So I can only assume these are supposed to be the "Specialty Consumables" Since I covered the entire Embassy twice looking for what the upgrade unlocked and only thought to check the bartender last. He has a "Special Foods" tab now. Don't know if he had that before, because why would I even check the bartender in the first place. Anyway, here they are. They cost 2,000 Fleet Credits each and are 1 time use consumables.

Dewan Herbal Life Support Additive
Space Consumable
+2.5 Accuracy for 15min

Isha Moss Extract
Ground Consumable
+2.5 Hitpoint Regen for 15min

Oxygenated Atlai River Water
Ground Consumable
+25 Willpower for 15 minutes

Psionic Resonance Enhancement Cell
Ground Consumable
5% chance to add +6.1 Psionic Damage to ranged attacks for 15min

So there you have it, 3 useless ground consumables and 1 space consumable that would only be useful in pvp, but will no doubt be banned by gentleman's agreement (just like Jevonite and countless broken consoles). So basically enjoy never using these bizarre results of all the dumb grunt work those Romulan scientists made you do.

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