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02-07-2013, 11:31 AM
1. Though far from the longest Temporal Ambassador is by far the most well done mission in game in my opinion. When will we see more missions along its lines of depth and creativity?

2. Everybody is abuzz with the "March beneath the Raptor's Wings" teaser, while I know you can't go into details, can you give us a bit of a hint towards what's going to be happening in regards to that?

3. You've said you've stopped calling Season 8 a Season. What's so big about it that its no longer qualifying as a season?

4. When will we see more ground sets with costume unlocks?

5. When will we be able to customize the appearance of weapons? Some of the end game weapons look, well bad. Phasers have holograms all over them, disruptor look industrial and have no Klingon aesthetics. For that matter when will the weapons that DO have Klingon aesthetics be revamped to look more like traditional klingon weapons, and less like "Klingon is, with extra blades and superfluous curvy sharp looking bits"?

6. With the Dominion getting a lockbox, after having received a 'chance ship' earlier already. Will we be seeing other previously visited species vessels in lockboxes? Keldon cruisers, Hedeki frigates mainly?

Due to recent legitimate purchases on your account you have been placed on probation, because that makes good business sense, right? right?

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