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# 261 Fire wall
02-07-2013, 01:54 PM
Originally Posted by monsterofblood View Post
My ping is 28ms .... My download speed is 33.93 Mbps .... my upload speed is 6.33 Mbps got the information from therefore i am not having connection problems.
the problem was my norton antivirus firewall. the problem was on my end after all but your continuous efforts to help were much appreciated.
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02-07-2013, 03:06 PM
My launcher looks exactly the same as it did yesterday. How can I tell if it's been automatically updated or not? Can somebody post a screenshot of the new launcher?
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02-07-2013, 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
My launcher looks exactly the same as it did yesterday. How can I tell if it's been automatically updated or not? Can somebody post a screenshot of the new launcher?
The new launcher says "LIKE US ON FACEBOOK" below the login area, and the news at the top is displayed without having to log-in


Brandon =/\=
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02-07-2013, 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
The new launcher says "LIKE US ON FACEBOOK" below the login area, and the news at the top is displayed without having to log-in


Brandon =/\=
Ah, I see it now. Thanks.
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Hello all I'm having a similar problem to the one everyone seems to have had recently. I'm looking for some help and maybe some answers here for myself of course and my Fleet Mates in the 1701 RTS, as a few have also been completely unable to get on now and again.

I had the white box please wait error a few times last week, haven't played since Monday morning around 3am EST as far as I can remember, but now I can't get the launcher to function past clicking Engage. Less than a few seconds BOOM "Cryptic Error Reporting" the game client hangs and the "Error Reporting" does nothing. I'm playing through Steam but I'm pretty sure that's not the issue. I have to kill the "Game Client" process in order to close down Steam so I can monkey with the files or even reboot.

When I first tried to login I believe I saw the Like us on Facebook even though I had last Sunday's version. I tried using my Fleet Admiral's suggestion to overwrite the launcher in the root directory where I found the .exe... But it turns out he had posted the same version I was on Sunday.

I tried renaming the .patch folder and the launcher actually appeared to go through the patch process but still crashed on Engage. Seems to have worked to some extent though since the version now matches the one I've downloaded here.

I tried going into my PWE account settings and deleting my Account Guard cache, though I didn't totally disable Account Guard, yet. It's a pain in the A but I think it's sort of a necessary evil since I know people personally who got their account jacked. Takes all kinds of nuts to make granola.

I don't think it's file corruption or it's something very specific, maybe killing the "Game Client" proc? But my game only hung occasionally back a week ago when it seemed everyone else had launcher problems. I got the white box from hell, killed it, waited a moment then back on no problem. Just today it's been driving me nuts!

I'd like to ask if anyone knows of any odd interactions with updates from core Microsoft components or their like? Like a few weeks ago everyone panicked over Oracle and Java? I've recently installed The Witcher 2 through steam and like so many before was forced as part of the process to install the MS Redist for C+ (or whatever the heck it's called.) And probably .Net framework 3, though not sure. After I verified the game ran (meh) I ran windows update and had to reinstall updates for the .Net 4, but this was all a week ago. just today i had to update Abobe Flash for non IE... Had problems with the IE version but shrugged it off as I only keep it on my machine for Windows Update and STO. Can't see the connection but it's worth a look.

I've run disk checks since my pc is prone to belching and gasping and forgetting where she left her drivers. She's just about ready to be put down, but what can you do in this economy? Anyways I regularly run ccleaner (who doesn't?) and also use Ausilogics Boost Speed to quickly root out registry errors and defrag my drives.

Wasn't going to whine about it, but I'm one of those guys whose busy with work and looking for a new or second job, legal hassles, laundry and the regular day-to-day stuff that keeps me from playing STO as much as I'd like to. I still have two alts that I haven't found the time to run through "Temporal Ambassador" yet. I was planning to do it tonight about four hours ago. In light of the fact that so many people have had launcher and login problems that we've had to have at least two threads put up, one moderated by a very busy and might i add handsome Dev (Okay sorry now I am wheedling.)

Seriously, why hasn't there been any talk about extending the aniversary a bit more? Or have I missed that too?
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# 266 help
02-14-2013, 07:18 AM
just wandering dose anyone know where the link is for the luancher update please
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# 267 Patching...
02-17-2013, 05:58 AM
I am having an issue loggin in. Game has been running fine then i log in today, it closes down on me. Now when I try to log in, the launcher just sticks on patching. Seems to be a consistant issue. Anyone have a fix?
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02-19-2013, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by neoset View Post
I have the same problem for couple of months now. Reinstalled the game didn't help.
Win 7 64bit.
The launcher from the first post didn't help too - same error. It says "Oops! Your Cryptic aplication has crashed..." and details window below is empty.
We need a new launcher!

EDIT: Identified the problem - the launcher crashes when TeamViewer is on. It works fine if TW is off. Tested on 2 PCs with Win7 and Win XP
You are a life saver mate! Was fuming with the error crash for 2 days...closed team viewer and voila! it works!
Big big thanks!
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02-20-2013, 04:58 AM
I have tried all the fixes on here that I have seen...the first post update, stop teamviewer, uninstall-reinstall, verify integrity of game, and it gets stuck in the patching phase...I've spent the last 4 hours trying to connect. I updated my NVIDIA drivers yesterday and was having crash issues. On one of my last crashes I wrote what was happening and how often I had crashed (six times in 2 hours). I logged out yesterday evening normally, came on this morning and now I'm stuck. I can get on any other game through Steam and have no issues with them, just STO. I'm getting very frustrated and just want to play and not crash all the time (which I know I will probably still crash) and all the bugs to get fixed (which I know won't happen anytime soon), but PREFER to at least log in to play.

ANY help will be MUCH appreciated. THNX!!!!!

Is there a patch update going on now? I looked and couldn't find anything about a patch being rolled out today or maintenance. If so, disregard this post :/

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02-21-2013, 06:16 AM
hi seem to have a simiiler problem,
my launcher wil not start at all

downloaded the new launcher and when i wanted to start the launcher 2 new files apeard

anybody know anything to do ??

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