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Originally Posted by emoejoe View Post
Strangely enough math is purportedly mine. I have spent many hours elucidating math noobs on the merits of algebra over trial and error. And frankly thats what alot of this game is about. Meta-game.

Figuring out what should happen is part 1, executing a plan is part 2.

As someone who has been calling out "dps" types for years, Ive said all along this game is about meaningful burst damage, even if that means very slow refresh or recycle times. Thus making damage per second is lower.

And of course dont forget that the battle situation is what determines the necessary required "burst" to down a specific target. Their current heals being obvious, the overall battle position being more relevant.

To answer how much dps you need to know who when where and why. God knows most bug ships flown by good players have many more "skillpoints" into defensive measures than offensive. There base tac skills and crf is "usually" enough.

But behold the awesome power of an uber alpha bop, and you will know that dps is moot for all but that one second when he killed you.
I guess part of this is the stigma attached to the term DPS. I'm using it at it's most basic, most literal sense.

If it's a case of saying that you need to do 80k damage in 2-4 seconds - then that's saying you need 20-40k DPS. Just something along those lines... just the damage over the period of delivery. Not some parse from 5-10minutes in an STF or anything like that.

For the most part, what I'm seeing is that it's got almost nothing to do with DHCs as much as it is about two Sci and 3-4 guys hitting you at the same time with whatever they've got.

Which is why I'm looking for that perspective - those numbers - in regard to the necessity of DHCs. Cause it's looking mainly like DBBs and THY Torps are putting out the most damage while everything else is just something to do while waiting on the BO/THY CDs and the Sci to set up the kill.

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