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Sorry for the long post.

This isn't a post about nerfing anyone or buffing my ship or anything like that, just to get it out of the way. This is about the BOFF human trait Leadership. Now we all know it was broken and it has recently been fixed. However I don't know if it is working as intended right now because I feel it may be a bit out of whack.

My friend and I dual quite often to either test new ships, builds, abilities, etc. I usually have a cruiser and he?s in an escort. Here is the scoop of the latest fight since Leadership was fixed.

I have a set of fleet phasers, and a set of acc x3 phasers that I change between, usually six with a couple of torps front and back. I ran with both the fleet Excelsior cruiser, and the assault cruiser refit, both set up for just pure tanking.

Both of us are running an all human crew

Me - Engineer captain

The majority of my build is as follows:

Com Eng EPtS1, EPtW2, AtSIF2, AtSIF3
Lt Eng -EptS1, RSP1
Lt Science (or universal for Assault cruiser) - HE1, TSS2
Lt Com Tac, -TT1, BO2, HY3

Doffs make Tactical team CD to 15 seconds so no need for second tac team. Usually put torp spread of BFAW 1 or something.

Now, my friend normally just ran the fleet defiant as a tac captain running a typical cannon rapid fire 2 build with omega 3, but as far as his engineer boffs he had

Lt Eng- EPtS1, RSP1
Lt Eng- EPtS1, EPtS2

This fight would usually last about 5 - 10 minutes with me being able to out tank his damage and eventually killing him. So he bought a Patrol Escort and went for doubling up attack pattern omega, with only 2 cannon rapid fire 1's.

Now he runs
Lt Eng - EPtS1, RSP1
Ens Eng - EPtS1

Now it is a completely different fight. The fight will go on for about 5 minutes, and he gets me down to about 50% hull, but RSP or Miracle worker is usually up by then and the fight starts all over again. However I can't get his shields to drop. They are completely red most of the time, but they won't go down. If I manage to finally get a half second when they are, his leadership stacking completely negates any and all damage I do. Bleed through damage is healed the second it's applied.

After 30 minutes of fighting, we both just called it a draw. Looking at the scores at the end of our run is where something seemed off.

After 30 minutes, we both had done (roughly) -
Damage - Him = 1,770,000
Damage - Me = 1,410,000
Healed - Him = 759,000
Healed - Me = 2,000,000

We had relatively close damage, but I massively outhealed him, which is expected, but during the fight, his hull never took any damage. Even when I managed to get his shields down for a second, he never went below 90%. 90% to 100% took roughly 2 seconds.
Now, your natural hull regen doesn't count towards your healing numbers, so this tells me that something is very wrong here.

Again, this is not crying because X ship is under/overpowered, nerf/buff this or that. I'm not looking for ship build critiques or play style advice.

All I am wondering is if this sounds right. Should Leadership be this powerful? I mean it isn't overpowered really, but it does completely nullify any bleedthrough damage with beams, which does kind of change the nature of ship to ship fighting I think. I can't think of any reason (for me) to play in a cruiser anymore since my plan was to go for survivability first, and the damage. Now it seems I can be just as effective a tank WITH DPS to boot in a patrol escort.

Has anyone else noticed a huge difference since they fixed BOFF Leadership?

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