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# 1 Star Ships as Megazords?
02-07-2013, 09:12 PM
This is going to sound really stupid for a topic, but here it goes:

When Power Rangers in Space came out back in the 90's, I always thought the Megaship look a lot like the Defiant. It had some of the Defiant's features, making me wonder if Japan got the idea for the Megaship design from Star Trek.

Thus, I had this idea for a topic: if you could take any starship from the Star Trek universe (original canon or Abrams) and give it a Megazord transformation, which ship would it be and how do you figure the transformation would work?

For me, ever since Star Trek: First Contact, I always imagine how the Soverign Enterprise-E would work as a megazord. Well, for one thing, for the transformation to work, in my opinion, the saucer would of course separate for the transformation to start. The body of the megazord would come from the warp-drive section of the ship, with the pylons and nacelles serving as the back wings for the zord mode. I also though of the nacelles turning into the arms, but I don't think that would look right, not unless the nacelles fold up into the right size, length, and shape for the arms. The Head for the megazord would have to come up from the deflector dish area, with the battle bridge located on top of the head. The saucer section could either serve as a hover board or a large shield or back-pack unit. That's pretty much how I picture it. The only problem with such a transformation is that the warp-drive section would only have the battle bridge, engineering (located in the chest area), and shuttle bay, and nothing else. You would have to get to these three areas by transporter, as the rest of the warp-drive section holds the body of the megazord within.

I know this kinda idea seems silly and unreal, but I'm not trying to be realistic or anything. I'm just letting my imagination run wild with two worlds I still love - Star Trek and Power Rangers.

Plus, Star Wars did a transformers toy line, I figure as toys, this could work somehow, yet I could be wrong.

What do you guys think? =/

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