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02-07-2013, 07:50 AM
There are some obviously issues with this build. Although it is somewhat creative and it might be fun to play with. If you are truly concerned about doing damage, the thread I created in this same section of the forums has a ton of info and followup from others that can help.

Until you get around to that, I'd like to point out a couple of the big flaws here.

You should have nothing but Dual/Dual heavy cannons and a torpedo in front.
You should have nothing but turrets in back (kinetic cutting beam is OK as its 360)
You should get rid of the Chroniton torpedo. While the slow effect can be useful, when it comes to damage, it is not your friend. In a Mobius, you will want to use the romulan hyper-plasma torp if you have one or a Quantum Torpedo.

(Some will say the DPS is higher on photon torpedos, but this is only true if you're not using any modifiers like torp spread or high yield and you have your torpedos on auto-fire.)

With all cannons, you should use skills that apply to all of your weapons such as cannon rapid fire and cannon scatter volley. That is where your serious damage comes from. (as well as spikes from torp attacks once shields are down)

You're using AntiProton weapons, so your weapon type is fine. For your tactical slots, you can go two routes depending on what you tend to face more often when you play. Do you tend to face groups? (i.e. STF's, Fleet Actions, etc.) or 1-2 enemies at a time? (PvP, episode missions)


TacT1, APB1, Torp Spread 3, SV3

1-on-1 damage (for this, an Omega torpedo may be useful as well)
TacT1, APB1, HY3, RF3
TS1, SV1

That is the setup I used on my Mobius. When going for DPS, especially in STF's, and other fleet actions, you really rack up damage with AOE attacks (Torp Spread/Scatter Volley). If you're looking to PvP or do damage to one person I would recommend the 2nd setup. Also, while I know the chroniton beam array is pretty cool, I don't believe it's doing you any favors in regards to your damage. It benefits in no way form rapid fore or scatter volley cannon skills, which you should be using. Also the Beam overlod, drops your weapon power levels significantly. To the point that the damage you lsoe during the time it goes back up, likely outweighs the extra damage done with that overload.

You already have nearly all of the weapons needed. Please try this setup and see what you think. If you tend to fight vs 1 or two enemies, please remember to switch to the 1-on-1 setup above. I created the build for you below.
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02-07-2013, 11:01 AM
As I said, you have two choices for the Mobius - vanilla escort (as xgorilapx's setup) or temporal abuse. In my opinion, the vanilla escort setup is a waste of the ship. There's no reason to fly a ship that costs 800 lobi or 70m+ EC and run a setup that's essentially the same as any other escort ingame.

The DPS advantage in the temporal setup comes not just from conventional weapons, but in the fact that all your damage abilities are available 2 to 4 times more often when running the temporal goodies + MACO 2 piece.

Being able to spike with AP Alpha and having tac initiative up many times more in an STF (and even in longer PvP matches) environment ups your overall DPS far beyond what a vanilla setup will achieve.

And as I said, the BO power drain is counteracted both by the Omega 2 piece proc and either a weapons battery or EPtW.

It requires a more active playstyle, but since eSTFs are pretty much *yawn faceroll* anyway, a little bit more excitement/interest is always a good thing IMO.
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02-07-2013, 09:15 PM
That makes sense. I think you should try both and see which one you prefer.

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