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My first question is:

Will you be addressing the same easy to answer questions from previous 'Q & A's' making it look like you have done alot this time round, or will you be addressing the difficult to answer questions that people place in this forum from THIS (most recent / this month) Q&A session.

There are a number of friends (from within fleet, and from other fleets) that have posted questions here each time you make one of these feedback sessions, and each time (as we have now come to expect) you have not addressed any of them.

My next questions to you are:
Will you delete this message because you don't want people speaking negative about your SELECTIVE question answering method?

Do you post these Q & A sessions on the forum just to give the illusion that you want feed back, and then just address the easiest thing possible and then go to lunch..

There have been people on here SCREAMING at you to address the cloaking issues in PVP, but do you do anything? no, do you acknowledge there is an issue with the cloaking? no.

There is an issue with people logging out during PVP and then logging back in again, and rejoining the match. Do you include this issue in your Q&A when people have spoken about it in previous Q&A months? no.

Are more and more people not bothering with ground PVP due to these issues that ARE NOT BEING ADDRESSED? YES !

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# 12
01-17-2013, 03:13 AM
I would like to know about re-specie, re-passive, and re-trait ,(from the rep system), tokens will be made available soon. You can always charge 2100 zen and allowed only once per 6 months to keep it from being abused. One token to be able to change them all. The only thing is you cant re-class. So a tac is always going to be a tac.
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# 13 as promised....submitted
02-07-2013, 10:10 PM
Questions submitted

thanks for taking the time to ask some questions and being civil about it

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