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Ok,I have three tac slots and three tac officers to fill them, but the Lt. is giving me trouble.

I run cannons and torps on my escort, so my main officers have:

Officer 1 - Tac team, Cannon Scatter I, Cannon Rapid Fire II, Cannon Scatter III

Officer 2 - Torp Spread I, Torp High Yield II, Torp Spread III, Attack Pattern Omega III

Officer 3 - Beam Overload I

Obviously Beam abilities go to waste on my setup. But all the other Lt. abilities are beam related.

What to do?

Should I just swap out a cannon with at least one beam weapon?

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02-03-2013, 03:32 PM
Your problem is that you're short on attack patterns. You'll want an APB or APD (APB for PvE, APD for PvP), and quite possibly a second APO. Once you start putting those in in large numbers you'll quickly be longing for more slots. Something like this might work for PvE (assuming you're using a Tac Escort Retro):

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02-04-2013, 01:05 AM
I believe you mean third Ensign ability.

It goes: Ensign, Lt., Lt. Commander, Commander

On my Tactical Escort Retrofit, I do not even bother slotting the third tactical ensign. And I run all cannons.

While it's a wasted ability, I believe the new Romulan tactical boff helps even that loss out with an extra boost to critical hit and severity (when they get the stacking working and change the nature of Covert Operative to give less critical hit, but adds critical severity).

I'm guessing you're referring to a Tactical Escort Retrofit, but you have two Commander level abilities listed, which isn't possible.

My layout is like this:
BO1 (again, not used)

I use CRF much more often than APO, which is why I decided to go with CRF3. If you had DOFFs that reduced the cooldown, then I guess having APO3 might be worth it. But, I'd rather have the higher level ability reserved for the skill I use the most.

I find that I like APD more than APB, for the debuff it casts to everyone who attacks that target. If you pick up one of the new DOFFs, you can increase the threat generation on yourself or your team mates with APD. You could cast it on your team mates that you don't like or the ones that are in cruisers, so you can get some free hits in. The trolling you can do with this ability and DOFF is pretty nasty.

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02-04-2013, 11:42 AM
Yep, you're right. Ensign.

Actually, I might just throw on another Tac team 1 and put a Human in there to get the Leadership bonus.

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02-07-2013, 11:20 PM
Go for TT I the only thing that's worth it . It gives you a small boost in DMG so you can use it before firing the first slavo .

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