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Captain Marrick Log- Discovery Mission Delta Quadrant

Entry 1

The Nina has been commissioned for a discovery mission. High amounts of energy were detected coming from a planet dubbed only "Planet Hell". While we are aware of a species that used this planet for birthing, the energy emissions were found to be different. Star Fleet command commissioned my ship, the U.S.S. Nina, for discovery.

Entry 2

Strange emissions have been found throughout the quadrant, in fact, they are very trace, but very odd. Our science team has been hard at work, gathering information, and studying it. As of now, we have no name for these emissions. They do put off trace amounts of radiation.

Entry 3

We have encountered the Borg in the Delta Quadrant,the Borg have been persuing us all over the quadrant. In our first encounter with them, they crippled our engines, and we have only been able to use impulse. Lt. Commander Pac Ishozi of engineering was able to get us to full impulse. This however will not get us out of the quadrant, and back to safety. The tactical equipment of the Nina has been limited due to the scientific equipment on board. We must now use our own wiles, as opposed to technology.

Entry 4

Lt. Luke Minhere has shown himself to be very clever in these battles with the Borg. They were able to take down our aft shields long enough to attempt a boarding. I have been gravely wounded in the encounter, and this may well be my final entry. Lt. Minhere was able to redirect the phasers' coil make up so that every shot has a slight enough change in pattern that the Borg cannot adapt. We were able to hold them off long enough to regain our shields. Lt. Nasza got our transport fully online, and directed it to transport the remaining Borg into space. With shields back up, it has turned into a game of chase, that I fear I may never see the end of. If this is indeed my final entry, then let it be known I die as I lived, transgressing the stars, and exploring the vastness of a universe that is filled with wonders and marvels.

(ooc note: I have enjoyed Star Trek, especially TNG, but am far from a "treky". My main character in these stories will be Luke Minhere, a rogue fleet officer. If there are any really bad discrepencies, feel free to PM me. I am trying to learn as I go. )
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[Not bad at all for a start! My only critique would be that in entries 1 and 2 you "said again" something already stated ...

"The Nina has been commissioned for a discovery mission."
"Star Fleet command commissioned my ship, the U.S.S. Nina, for discovery."

"Strange emissions have been found throughout the quadrant, in fact, they are very trace, ..."
"They do put off trace amounts of radiation."

Otherwise, I look forward to reading the exploits of Captain Minhere and how he got to be "rogue" ]
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(Thank you. I thought I had posted more, but I must have logged out before I saved it! I had said I will leave the log as is, and blame Marrick for the mistake. Thank for the compliment. Hope you enjoy it when I actually get to writing the story..and saving it properly. Have to get ready to go for gall bladder surgery in a 1/2 hour..funsies)
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Originally Posted by lukeminherexx View Post
Have to get ready to go for gall bladder surgery in a 1/2 hour..funsies)
Was that going to be entry 5?
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Originally Posted by crashdragon View Post
Was that going to be entry 5?
(No, lol, but what an adventure none the less )

Lt. Commander Luke Minhere looked at the last entry of Captain Marrick, as he did time to time. The leather seat he now sat in once belonged to the commander, but the ship he now captained was new.
"I was recieved as a hero, and yet you were the hero", Luke said, a frown on his face.

It was true that Luke was able to change the phasers to adapt to the Borg's ability to, well, adapt. He excelled in weapons of all kinds. The phaser's change was to the decimal, so they could have literally fought them for days. They did not need to, they only needed to hold them off long enough for the transporters to do their job.
As Captain Marrick wrote in his log, it became a chase.Their captain was dead. The commander was in sick bay, and would die days later from a severe brain injury. The engines were holding, but the Borg would catch them soon enough.
Everyone now looked to Luke for the answer. Lt. Commander Pac Ishoz, an Andorian, pulled Luke aside.
"Lt. Minhere, I believe we can transwarp, but it will be extremely dangerous," he offered.
Luke looked him over, his normally bluish skin was a bit more pale.
"Pac, you hold rank over me," Luke said, with a slight tug of a grin on his face.
"Rank does not make a person a leader, it simply means I know the job I do. Everyone is now looking to you sir, and quite frankly, while I know it's a solution, I do not want to make the decision."
Luke nodded a bit, then looked at the screen that showed the Borg ship matching them speed for speed. It would not be long before they adapted, and would close in.
"Fair enough, out with it," he said.
"If we can put all power to the shields around the warp core, I can place a certain amount of quantum mines within it. We can set them off, causing an explosion. If calculated just right, the small area will hold the blast, and cause it to implode. The implosion will then create a small black hole, which will give off enough energy to push us into transwarp, before the singularity contains the blast itself."
Luke looked to the engineer, considering the proposal.
"And what of the black hole, wont it..." but Pac was already shaking his head no.
"A black hole that small will evaporate within moments."
"Make it so, Lt. Commander," Luke said, and those five words would be the words that pushed him into captaining his own ship.

Of course it all worked. Lt. Commander Pac Ishoz was quite good at what he did. He excelled in quantom mechanics, warp drives, and even singularities. He would later explain to Luke that the formula, R_{\mu\nu\rho\sigma}R^{\mu\nu\rho\sigma} , tells us that the singularity may have become a wormhole in itself, and transported them, well, somewhere else. Where else, he was not sure. Another galaxy, or into a star, or into another universe. Who knew?
Luke was sure he did not know, and no matter of explaining by Pac would help him know any better. Luke simply stopped Pac when he began to explain that the Ashtekar variables were a factor but, "but I really don't understand what you are saying, Pac, and you are giving me a headache."
Pac stopped explaining.

Luke, Pac, and Nasza were awarded for their bravery, and their ability to work under such duress. The entire crew was commended for their efforts. Luke was made captain of the U.S.S. Wolfpack, a brand new Support Cruiser for the fleet. Admiral Quinn explained that they were in need of as many ships as possible, and that he would make captain soon enough. Pac and Nasza were added to his crew, along with 698 others that he was now responsible for.
Luke scoffed, and leaned back into the soft leather chair. A great captain was dead. The U.S.S. Nina was in such bad shape that they would not be able to repair it. The engines were destroyed in the transwarp. The hull was compromised in too many places, weakened in too many more.
And he, Luke Minhere, was hailed as a hero.
Luke wondered if they would hold him in such high regards had they only known that he was to blame for some of the things that lead up to the entire incident.

"Lt. Commander, we are cleared to dock at the Earth Space Station," a voice came over the comm informing him.
"I will be right out," he said, taking a last look at the screen, the final log of Captain Marrick and the U.S.S. Nina, then turned if off as he stood, and exited the ready room.

"Maybe space is not the final frontier," - Luke Minhere

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"So, you are a captain," the young ensign asked, her lashes batting, her full red lips slightly parted.
"No, he is not," a female voice said from behind Luke, the woman apparently looking over his shoulder at the ensign. The lounge on Starbase 47 was becoming crowded, though by Luke's count there were only three of them in there, along with the one bartender.
Luke looked behind him.
"Sezirea, what are you doing here?"
"I guess I should leave you two alone," the ensign said, as she got up to leave, her short skirt barely covering her unmentionables as she spun away.
"Wait, no no, you can," Luke began.
"You can carry on, right on out of here young lady, and report to your own captain," Sezirea finished for him. "Are you even old enough to be in here?"
Luke watched as the pretty blonde recruit slinked out of the lounge, then looked to Sezirea. Sezeria was beautiful, it was true, but Luke also had seen photos of when she was a man. This took away all thoughts of conquering the Trill.
Well, almost all thoughts.
"Now why did you go and do that," Luke asked, shaking his head a bit.
"That is Admiral Lorin's daughter and Admiral Lorin does not know the word 'forgive'," his Lt. Commander said, an eyebrow raised at him.
"Put that eyebrow away, Lt. Commander. I am a big boy and I can take care of myself," Luke offered, then slammed back his synthale.
"Why are you here, and don't tell me it was to save my virtue?"
This of course brought a chuckle to Sezirea, and a shake of her own head.
"No. I have given up on that a long time ago," she said, though that was not exactly true.
"Git is asking for you."
"Ah, my Ferengi friend. What manner of profit has he in store for us?"
"I didn't ask, and I would suggest you not ask," she replied, motioning the bartender over.
"Heh, well, Git isn't that bad. I have been knowing him for some time."
"Git is a Ferengi, and thus, by nature, a crook," Sezeria offered, then ordered herself a drink.
"Stop being so prejudice. He only believes in true capitolism, is that so bad?"
"Why do you need capitol? Earth itself has not had that type of system for centuries," she supplied, then stopped and looked to him.
She had forgotten, and regretted it immediately.
"I am human, Sezirea, but not an Earthling," Luke reminded her. "And Git is not a crook."
"Sorry boss," Sezirea offered, their spar now over. "I did come to tell you that he enquired of you though," thinking that should make up for calling Git a crook.
"That you did," Luke smiled again, a very handsome smile at that, with his dark eyes now fixed on Sezirea. "For that I will buy you another drink. I like this base, it is nice and quiet. Not like some of those others in this system."

"Maybe space is not the final frontier," - Luke Minhere
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"So you see, if you can get me those warp lingdunions, ancient as they are, I can split the profit," Git offered, his words low and careful.
Luke looked his old friend over. Friend being a loose term when it came to this Ferengi. Still, he had saved Luke's life on several occassions, though always making sure it was understood that it was for Git's own gain.
Luke knew different, though he would never dishonor the businessman by divulging such.
"They were outlawed by the Federation decades ago, due to their leakage of carbons, sometimes in such a high amount, they can overwhelm a small village."
"Oh, I know this. It would be used on a rock planet, not even a planet, really. More of an asteroid. Hardly even an asteroid when you..." Luke waved him off with a chuckle.
"I hate to break the news to you, but I am not due to leave this station for another week, the Wolfpack is being furbished with a duel core plasma cannon."
"Ah, well, I have other avenues to attend in this. It would have meant some nice gold latinum in your swelling chest, none the less."
"None the less," Luke smiled. "I thank you for thinking to involve me in such a deal."
"You have come a long way, Luke. A long way. You were but a child when I met you. Your father was my best business partner. I only wished that he would have asked you to stay with the Ferangi, instead of insisting on you attending the Starfleet Academy. It was his only weakness, that you get to know your humanity," Git said, but there was no insult in his tone, only a matter of fact view from a Ferengi.

Luke walked Git to the transporter, and saw him off. Sezirea watched them from a distance, letting Luke have his time with a man that was somewhat of an uncle to him. She knew where Luke was from, though as far as she knew, the Federation had no idea. His records were not really doctored, his actual parents were shown. The Earth city he would have lived in had he remained with them was marked as where he grew up. He was shown to have been home schooled, due to illness. All of this Luke once confided to her, in a drunken stooper after he lost a drinking contest with a Klingon. What with the wars, and the Borg, and the refugees spilling in from all over the galaxy, who had time to check beyond the surface to insure his story was legitament. He aced all of his entry exams. He passed all manners of lie detector tests. Luke was, according to all sources, who he said he was.
Of course she told him all he spoke of, and asked if it was true, a couple of days after the hangover wore off. Luke almost denied it, and had he done that, she would have let the matter drop. However, in perhaps a moment of weakness, he simply nodded. They never really spoke of it again, and he offered no more information into his past. The best she could piece together now, having served by him for a few years, and now under him, was that he had odd friends in the smuggling business. They also took on odd cargo at times, and his orders sometimes changed suspiciously, to suit where the odd cargo needed to go.
As a loyal officer of the Starfleet, over a century now, she should have reported him. However, Sezirea was fascinated by him. His dark eyes. His handsome smile. His outlook on life was nothing like the sterile life of the officers that filled the Federation. No, Luke was different.
Sezirea simply chuckled at that a moment.
"Aren't we all different," she said to herself, and walked to meet Luke, who was walking back to meet her.

"Maybe space is not the final frontier," - Luke Minhere
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Fantastic anecdotes, thanks for sharing
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"FIRE!!!" Commander Minhere shouted, as the U.S.S. Wolfpack shook from the impact. All phasers were fired at once, damaging shields of multiple targets, and luckily taking out most of the plasma missiles that were deployed.
Silence, then another round of shaking.
"Fire phasers at will," the young commander cried out.
"Damage Report?" A calmer female voice called.
"Shields are holding, Lt. Sezeria, damage is very minimum, mostly from the torpedoes shaking the hull," called back Lt. Commander Pac.
"Bank hard to port, then round the station. If these Birds want to fight us on our own turf, then let them see what 47 can do," Luke said.
As if on command, Starbase 47 began firing it's plasma turrets on the lead Romulan vessel.
"On my mark, fire all weapons on the lead bird," Luke called.
The bridge became silent but for a brief moment, as Luke watched the energy build up on the instruments.
"Fire," he called out.
The forward screen filled with a plasma explosion as the Space Station itself seemed to shake.
The lead War Bird was now only many pieces of space junk beginning to circle the station.
The bridge was once again quiet.
"The other two birds?" Luke enquired.
"Cloaked sir, and running scared" Pac said, looking to the screen. "I can follow their trail, because of the damage we did to them, but they will be able to warp soon."
"Don't bother. Stay in orbit of the station, I will beam down and see if there is anything they need. Sezirea with me, Pac, you have the bridge."
"As you command sir," Pac called out, and took his place in the captain's chair as Luke and Sezirea headed to transport.

"What was that about," Luke asked, as they made their way down the hall, away from the others.
"I am unsure, I mean, they had to know we could defend the station," Sezirea replied. "They left quickly when they saw that the station could be defended easily against them."
Luke nodded.
"Maybe they have some answers for us on the station."

"Maybe space is not the final frontier," - Luke Minhere
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Admiral Lorin was fit to be tied, as the old earth saying went. Luke could see her hands flying in the air, a fist waved now and again, and a scowl thrown at anyone else that dared to offer an opinion. He saw all of this through the thick sound proof, weapon proof glass. He was merely waiting his turn to speak with the always "elegant" Lorin Vistin.
Sezirea simply sat by him, very stoic.
"You would think we just lost the fight, the way she is carrying on in there," Luke finally said, barely over a whisper.
"Told you, she is not a forgiving, cheery person," Sezirea replied, not looking at the commander.
Luke and Sezirea then watched as two gentlemen, humans from all appearance, passed in front of them, and with their own code, opened the doors to the private office. As the doors slid open, everyone, including the admiral, became very quiet. The two began to introduce themselves as the doors closed, and neither Luke nor Sezirea could hear who they were. In moments the room cleared of all personnel, except the admiral, who was no longer throwing her arms around, nor giving out fantastic orders that probably no one could physically follow anyway.
The admiral's chin suddenly jutted up, and her eyes then met with Luke's. Luke was not sure if it was pity or hate in her eyes, but Luke was sure he did not wish to know. This was not any of his business, so why she would look to him was beyond him.
The glass doors slid open as the admiral exited, and motioned with her chin toward Luke.
"That is him," was all she said, as she stormed off. "Ready my ship, we are leaving this station!" She called out to what appeared to be no one, yet suddenly her crew began appearing, moving quickly and busily.
"I guess we were just lucky the admiral was here," Luke said, watching her leave. Then he turned to one of the men in the office, who's eyes were directly on him. He smiled one of his patented Luke smiles.
"Commander Luke Minhere, come inside, we need to speak," the man said, apparently unaffected by the smile.
Sezirea attempted to get up to follow them in, but the other put a hand out in a stopping motion to her, shaking his head.
"Only Mr. Minhere."
Sezirea sat back down.

"Maybe space is not the final frontier," - Luke Minhere

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