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02-08-2013, 08:08 AM
Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
Which difficulty do you run it on if I may ask?

Always on normal, did it on elite once and didn't see any difference in loot (the only difference is that I blew up once or twice).

Honestly though, just play the game. When I was working on Rom rep I'd do 7x Acamar runs for the Tau Dewa patrol daily... would consistently get ~200k of vendor trash. Run STFs and you get decent stuff to vendor trash, and every now and then I get drops from ISE that are actually worth selling on the exchange.

If you are bored and want to do something different look at mission replays. There are a few of the Cardassian front missions that award shields that are fun on the replay -- 15 minutes, something to do while you wait on a DOFF assignment to end or your STFs to cool down.

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