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I'm a returning STO player. Took advantage of a special SciFi Channel STO preorder special and started playing shortly after launch. Leveled a tac to RA in escorts, then lost interest and left the game for a long while. Now I'm back and started leveling a new Sci toon. Still flying a Miranda LC at the moment and would like to field some opinions on how to allocate her skill points going forward. She is currently a Lt.8.

So where do you think I should put her skill points? Also, I was thinking of putting her into cruisers. Is that wise? I've read in other threads that Sci captains do fairly well in escorts (have a hard time believing it, but there you are) and of course science ships. I don't want to go escorts (been there, done that). I've got the Ambassador, just waiting to get her to the right rank to fly it. I really want the Excelsior refit from the C-store. But I'm starting to wonder if it wouldn't be better to use an engineer or tac for that ship.

If you will further indulge me with an equipment question. Part of my SciFi CHannel preorder package was a blue Neodynium deflector dish, which features +8 Aux, plus three other +5 boosts to powers I cannot currently remember (but I'm pretty sure they are in the graviton area). To what rank do you reckon it would be a useful piece of equipment. I also have a Mk IV (or Mk VI, can't remember) Hyper Combat Impulse Drive (the one with + efficiency on high and low engine power) on my tac toon. This was a prized engine back when I first it still regarded as a strong engine to use at rear admiral level, as many such players continued to use well into their advancement back in the day?

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