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I won't use the term most hated character, but I will say most disliked character. This isn't to bash the actors, even though there may be some you didn't like. I'm just interested to know which characters people disliked.

Who was the most disliked character for you in any Trek series? For me it was
  1. In TOS: None rally, though I didn't like Chekov very much. He just wasn't all that interesting. Even in the movies, I was always like "oh, and Chekov came along". Thats not a knock on Walter Koenig I'm sure he's a pretty good guy in real life...and I loved his character on Babylon Five.
  2. In TNG: Seriously, it was Wesley followed closely by Doctor Crusher, his mother. I still can't stand to watch "Wesley" centric episodes, which pretty much means the first and second seasons. Dr. Crusher was just boring. Come to think of it, Troi wasn't all that interesting either, but she had the benefit of being hawt. (Not that Gates McFadden isn't good lookin').
  3. DS9 : This is a toughie for me...I didn't like the Ferengi ventered episodes too much until recently when I rewatched the series. Quark is probably the most interesting character on the show. The wife for some reason cannot stand Major Kira. (she says that she doesn't think Nana Visitor can act, but I disagree).
  4. VOY: I was no fan of Neelix or Kes, and I absolutely dhated Naomi Wildman. But I'm biased, I'm no fan of children actors in the first place. I wasn't the biggest fan of Voyager in the first place, we only have the series because the wife felt we had to get it to round out our Trek collection. That being said, I was no fan of episodes featuring the doctor, but then I I hate the idea of hologram life forms. To me they are just computer programs, calling them life forms is going to far. (IMHO). The only hologram I consider "alive" is Arnold Rimmer, and thats a totally different series. (but a great one)
  5. ENT: Travis Mayweather. I don't know the actors name, but he was so wooden I can't watch him and being totally taken out of the show.
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02-08-2013, 08:35 PM
Originally Posted by captnurntumber View Post
The only hologram I consider "alive" is Arnold Rimmer, and thats a totally different series. (but a great one)
Rimmer's a smeg-head.


I assume you're referring to regular cast members, not guest stars? In that case:

TOS: I didn't really dislike anyone in TOS. How can you? It's TOS.

TNG: As if you're going to get anything but Wesley Crushers for this one. I almost feel like he shouldn't be in the running, it's just too easy. For me, Guinan was a close second. I mean, it's Whoopie frelling Goldberg. You might as well cast Robin Williams as the chief of security.

DS9: I gotta agree with your wife. Kira just didn't mesh with the show, in my opinion. She always seemed so... uncomfortable. I mean, in part, that was her character, but look at her with Odo. Or in any of her relationships. I always felt like Nana Visitor had some sort of intimacy issues.

VOY: Does Andy Dik (had to misspell his last name to avoid automated censorship ) as the EMH Mk. II count? Seriously though, Voyager's crew never really had that relaxed, comfortable feel that most of the other casts developed. There were some very talented individual actors, but as an ensemble, I always felt something was lacking. That said, if I had to choose one character in particular who annoyed me... my gut says Harry Kim. That actually took me a while - Garrett Wang isn't a bad actor, I just find Kim doesn't come across as genuine. No one's that good, and that naive, for that long.

ENT: Hoshi Sato. Hands down. Being hot doesn't make you a great actor, nor does it make your character inherently lovable. I didn't find Park's acting to be that great, and Hoshi just annoyed the **** out of me. She was so whiny and constantly terrified... it really got old. The only time when I felt that she strayed into her element was during the mirror universe episodes. She pulled off the whole manipulative tramp (I know it's a strange word to use, but I'm trying to avoid dirty language here) thing pretty well.

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02-08-2013, 08:40 PM
TOS - It's really hard to say, since the only fault any character had was that they just weren't given enough to do. Uhura, Chekhov and Sulu all fit into that category, but I still like them whenever they do get a chance to get involved in the story. Ooh, right... if we stretch the category all the way out to the TOS movie villains, can we say Sybok? He is Spock's brother, so he's kind of a main character by proxy.

TNG - She eventually improved and became one of my favorite characters, but the way the writers handled Troi was like nails on chalkboard for the first few seasons. For an example of just how much better she got, compare her getting drunk in Season 1, breathlessly sighing about she wants Riker in her mind, with her getting drunk in First Contact and getting aristocratically indignant about everything.

DS9 - I like Kira overall, but she could get really preachy sometimes, and she never really seemed to evolve much as a character until maybe the last season. Plus, Kira and Odo always seemed like the least plausible romance ever (okay, maybe Cochrane and his lovelorn gas cloud from TOS beat them out, but not by much!), and their relationship troubles wound up hijacking the show for awhile.

VOY - Seven of Nine. It's a shame because she has a lot of interesting story elements and good character moments, but most of the time she had no personality and the way the show practically fetishized her was just embarrassing. At first I thought the problem lay with Jeri Ryan, but after seeing her on other shows, and playing an emotional Seven in "The Killing Game,"it's not her, it's just how the character's written.

ENT - T'Pol for being fetishized maybe even more than Seven, and having the same lack of personality (and whereas Seven at least had lots of interesting background stuff to work with like her parents, T'Pol's got nothing going on). She'd started to improve a little as the show went on, though, and I think if it'd lasted a full seven seasons she might have pulled a Troi and turned the character around.
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02-08-2013, 09:06 PM
TOS - None really. If I HAD to pick I guess Nurse Chapel, if only because her defining characteristic was "I have a secret crush on Spock".
TNG - Pulaski. If you think Dr. Crusher is a bad character you obviously forgot about Dr. Pulaski. Thankfully she was only around for one season.
DS9 - Any Kai or Vedek, but especially Winn and that guy that Kira was in love with for the first couple of seasons. They're all preachy and annoying and boring.
VOY - Chakotay. The only way he could've been more uninteresting was if he was in a coma for the entire trip.
ENT - Completely agree with OP on Travis. They could've had a mannequin at the helm and it would've made as much of an impression on the story.

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02-08-2013, 10:13 PM
ToS-- Nurse Chapel (mainly for the same reason that Variant37 stated), and maybe yeoman Janice Rand. Seriously, there was times when I felt that she was only there to serve as a possible love interest for kirk even though he wouldn't act on it. plus that hair of hers... Dear god. You basically would have to spend hours on that hair when getting ready in the morning....

TNG: Again, It looks like I'm basically agreeing with Variant37... Dr. Pulaski was almost like somebody trying too hard to be like a female McCoy or something like that. But she only came off as a utterly forgettable person, evidenced by the fact that many people remember Dr.Crusher but not Dr. Pulaski.

DS9: I would have to say Rom. He's like a fergegi Wesley crusher to me, only slightly less annoying.

Voy--A toss up between Kim and Chakotay.

ENT: Malcolm Reed. Sorry, but he did nothing for me at all when I watched the series.
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02-08-2013, 11:18 PM
Regular cast only

TOS- Chapel. All she did was pine away for Spock. The TOS women were only there to keep it from being a sausage party so its hard to blame them.

TNG- Yar and Pulaski. Sorry. Roddenberry's version of "strong woman" was grating. Pity after her and Pulaski women would be nothing but mother hens or evil seccubai in the show and this aspect was dropped. Everything else improved after he was pushed out and its a shame that how women were presented didn't.

DS9- Jake. Aside for "The Visitor" the character never developed beyond "Sisko's Son". Even Morn had more character. Lots of potential there too.

Voy- Seven. While most of the standout episodes of later seasons revolved around her, she still suffered from the same paint by numbers characterization of the rest of the characters without the initials EMH in their name. But since the focus was on her, she became the Poochie

Ent- I have to be honest and say that the crew were various shades of drying paint and its easier to just say the occasional Shran episode was the only reason to watch the show.
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02-09-2013, 02:21 AM
TOS - Yeoman Rann - Seen smarter lab mice.

TNG - Troi - mainly season 1-2, but her character mellowed a bit later.

DSN - Kira, Sisko, Jake, that dorky doctor what's his name - Report to Airlock 4.

Voyager - Nelix - Little suck up worm.

Enterprise - Trip - Going where no ego has gone before.

STO - The constantly ignored bugs.
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02-09-2013, 02:59 AM
TOS: Uhura. I'm not really sure why, I just never found her that interesting.

TNG: Pulaski. Dear god... I'm glad she was only around for 1 season.

DS9: Any Ferengi or Jadzia Dax. First of all: The Ferengis are just plain annoying. In any Star Trek series. Secondly, Dax and her damn "Hurr Durr Klingons" just annoyed me in the end. And because Terry Farrell can't act.

VOY: Kes. Do I really need to say anything here?

ENT: T'Pol. This whole "Future half-pornstar" stuff doesn't really do it for me. Huge boobs, a nice little outfit so every male viewer out there can fantasize about her... Sorry but no... And she isn't even that good looking.
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02-09-2013, 04:14 AM
TOS: Undecided
TNG: Troi, especially early in the show
DS9: Jadzia Dax, especially dull and irritating in a show mostly full of deep and complex characters and relationships
VOY: Chakotay. I've seen more emotion and energy in brick walls.
ENT: T'Pol. A poor copy of Seven.
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02-09-2013, 04:27 AM
TOS McCoy. Hated his racist behavior towards Spock which no one ever called him on.
TNG Troi. For all the reasons given above...
DS9 Jadzia Dax. She was just a wannabe. I wish they'd brought in Ezri at the same time as Worf, and avoided the relationship between them all together.
VOY Seven and Harry. For all the reasons given above...
ENT T'Pol. For the reasons given above, but also Tucker. That redneck had no business wearing a Starfleet uniform, other than as Janitor, Third Class

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