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Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
Admiral content is merely a name to distinguish bot fleet content from other level 60 or 70 content. It can be called something else for all I care. As far as the Admiral and Fleet Admiral title goes, if a player wants to be that, then they should not have to be the Fleet Leader or some other annoying task that severely limits it from the people that want it. It is all about choice.

Exactly. Choice. That's another reason why the default top rank title in STO should be Captain (because everyone is a ship commader in the game). However if you chose to become a leader of Captains, an Admiral, then you should have to do something a little extra to do so. It makes Admiral's true leaders of other ship commanders and makes the rank ACTUALLY mean something. A Fleet Captain title would work just fine for commanding 'bot' fleets.

All that is needed IMO is a rank indicator and maybe changing the item requirements to level instead of rank. Having an item listed with a minimum level of 40 is better than Rear Admiral, Lower Half.

Totally agreed!

The game has always separated Rank from Level, it is just not obvious. There is no possible way that a Lieutenant could command a ship. The tutorial would have to be leave Vega System and be put under the command of a different Captain. You would work up the ranks on a ship until you reach Captain where 30 levels later you finally get command of your own ship. So essentially, we go up a few ranks from Ensign to Captain in the tutorial and we stay Captain until they finally add content that seems completely different from what a Captain does and that is a personal choice.

I've always had an issue with the lower ranks getting ship command, but at least the excuse is a shortage of command personnel because of the war and at least you start with a small ship. Heck, according to JJ Abrahm's, a misfit cadet can be promoted straight to Captain after one mission -- in charge of the fleet Flagship no less! (what BS)

As far as the whole President of the Federation thing goes, it is completely impossible for any player to be it since it is an Elected Civilian position. In order for any player to be President of the Earth, they would have to retire from Starfleet and put their name in for the ballot. Might be possible for Klingons to do that, but it still seems like you give up control to your ship after the successful coup.

That's the point exactly. Having thousands of Admirals running around is rediculous - as rediculous as having rank tied to level. After Fleet Admiral, where do you go if you want to raise the level cap? Well "President of the Federation" is above Fleet that has to be the next step. As the OP already said - why are teams of Admirals punching Undine in the face on the frontlines? They are the ones who should be ordering other people to punch the Undine in the face - lol
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