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02-10-2013, 03:15 AM
Originally Posted by bugspatteredjack View Post
The game crashes my entire computer!! Never use to happen but recently it has happened every day over the course of the last week, usually 40 min into game time!
The issue you are descibing is different to my one. I don't get close to playing it as it crashes on the startup loading screen. At least you GET 40 minutes of gametime.

EDIT: A complete uninstall and reinstall of the game did not resolve my issue.

EDIT2: I'VE FIXED IT! I have NO idea why this is happening, but I had to rename my Steam folder. I saw it before in another thread (, but when I tried to use Process Monitor, I didn't see anything trying to access the Steam folder when GameClient.EXE launched. However it occurred to me that as crazy as it was, it was the only thing I hadn't tried.

I've never installed this game from Steam, and I'd tried running it without Steam running before. And I've never used Steam's overlay with it. If I rename the folder back, GameClient.EXE crashes again. I've no idea why this is occurring, and I've asked for assurances in my Support Ticket that this issue will be passed on to the STO development team in the hope that no one else has to go through this process.

But yeah, basically I have to rename the folder every time I want to play Star Trek: Online, and back again so that I can use Steam.

I hope this helps anyone else who suffers from this most bizarre issue.

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