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On Friday evening the fleet i was in took a turn for the worse.

The scenario is one of the long term officers decided to move his Fed toons from this fleets sister fleet on the fed side. A lot of senior officers knew this as the fed fleet was no where near as active as the klingon side is.

This is where it all gets messy lol. The fleet leader on the klingon side found out on the friday and went absolutely OTT about it. Promptly demoting this players toons on klingon side and accusing him of no loyalty and respect even tho a lot of us senior officers knew and didnt see the problem...The ironic thing was 5 minutes before this happened he was playing some STF elites with him. This person felt like he was being treated very unfairly and left the fleet.

I found out and as being one of the highest senior officers said to the leader that what he done in demoting him was wrong. Every other senior officer in this conversation we had agreed. But the red mist was still there with the leader. He was banging on about loyalty and respect and he should hav given 2 weeks notice to leave the fed fleet (which he helped start i may add). After discussing this with all officers i reinvited the the person bk to the fleet and said we will just have 1 of ur toons in here and we go from there. Every officer agreed so i duly done it.

Well u can guess wot happened next...kicked and being accused of mutiny (lol). We had a officer structure in place where decisions like these were meant to be handled by the senior officers in a voting system to make things fair for every1. After me being kicked a lot of other people left who were in total agreement to me.

I miss the people who were in the fleet but not the dictatorship of the leader.

So myself and a few of the ex officers are looking for a fleet to call home. We PVP a lot so if any PVP fleets are looking for some good players to have in there fleet id appreciate it if u can contact me @shanksboy


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