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02-10-2013, 02:42 PM
: ho ho! lol! than wonder wy they even bother making purple consol sound more like a ack to me but thank you for the advice i will seriously consider it
Choosing MK.XII over MK.XI consoles might not make much of a difference.

Choosing Mk.XII consoles and Mk.XII weapons (instead of XI) and purple Space Doffs (instead of blue) and efficient Boffs (instead of one without) and ideal weapons modifiers and etc... will amass to a reckognizable and considerable increase in performance.

In the end it's the large number of little changes like this, that will amount into a big one.
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4 mk XI blue to mk XII purple = +14.6% damage boost.
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
Why the Devs can't make PvE content harder. <--- DR proved me wrong!
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02-10-2013, 06:05 PM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
4 mk XI blue to mk XII purple = +14.6% damage boost.
To the weapon base damage. Which already has a significant number of increases applied.

So for a beam array you gain 14.6 damage per shot with that example, likely only a 2% ish increase.

I find it amusing that fleet weapons grant a +10% boost over typical weapons (2.5 per Dmg mod and 2.5 for being ultra rare) and everyone bashes them. Yet players will spend hundreds of millions of EC for the same increase via tac consoles.

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