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02-09-2013, 11:11 PM
I just finished writing the last boff bio this week along with Azera's first captain's log detailing her thoughts and feelings about each one, and it's been a great way of exploring each of their characters and her own character's reflection in how she feels about her crew. She's an extremely young captain, barely out of the academy, and so tends to be very informal and friendly with the senior officers, seeing herself more as their representative than their leader. Most of them are a good deal older than her and so her attitude's more a cheerfully responsible class president than a captain, respecting their judgement and leading by consensus partly because, at this point in her career, she doesn't feel comfortable pulling rank on them.

On the one hand, that endears her with most of the bridge crew: she and her Andorian first officer Corspa became fast friends, she's trying to reach out to and encourage the shy but fiercely determined Trill science officer Auslaz, and she worries about her troubled Betazoid officer Luverala. On the other hand, it frustrates some of the more experienced and formal officers, like her brilliant but arrogant Andorian engineer Nyzoph and her cynical human security chief Angel Cregin. It's especially led to a complicated relationship with her Bajoran chief medical officer, a former Vedek named Kwam: his mysterious but kindly interest in her life is matched only by her efforts to avoid thinking about the hard questions he believes she should be asking, like where she really came from and what her lifelong nightmares and flashbacks actually mean.

She wouldn't get into a relationship, though, until perhaps the very end of her story. One reason is that she believes she has to protect each of them equally, and getting romantically involved with one officer means favoring him above the others and losing her sense of perspective. However, she never really had a boyfriend even in her academy days: she feels like falling in love with anyone she's met since waking up from stasis would mean giving up hope of finding her home. On a very deep level, she's holding onto a dream of someday reuniting with her family, her people and a destined soul mate, and only after she's learned the truth and let go of that dream will she be able to completely embrace the Alpha Quadrant as her home.

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02-09-2013, 11:24 PM
Can't say I really do any real RPing, but all of my main's crew are carryovers from my City of Heroes heroes. As such, my captain is married to her chief engineer. (Though I sometimes think there's some UST between the Captain and her chief science officer, but that's non-canon.)

I figure if Riker and Troi can get away with it there must not be a problem with it.
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02-09-2013, 11:25 PM
Mine can be seen actually, I wrote short stories with them, mostly in a series.

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02-09-2013, 11:46 PM
Of my main toons...one I don't know about, but for these three I have a pretty good idea what the crew dynamic was.

My Cardassian is an exchange officer--a fully-commissioned Cardassian gul who was serving in a junior capacity on a Starfleet vessel when disaster struck, forcing him to use his experience to take command. This began his rapid rise through Starfleet ranks. His relationships with his crew are what I'd describe as collegial. I also suspect that he is fairly strict when it comes to fraternizing in the ranks, on his ship. While he tries not to run his ship completely like a Cardassian vessel, at times the influence does still come through.

My other main Federation character, Alyosha Strannik, is a Devidian in human form. This rules out any possibility of his being attracted to any of his crewmembers on a physical level. His Aenar XO, Chirithraz th'Valek, is someone he's known since the Academy, and who has known his secret. This makes the two of them like brothers, but there is nothing else there beyond that. I think Alyosha is more tolerant of fraternization than Gul Berat is, though he disapproves of any behavior that interferes with an officer's performance. So I don't see him actively encouraging such things (though I am sure he would attend a shipboard wedding if invited ), but he will not discipline it unless it becomes a problem.

My KDF toon...unfortunately the game didn't let me play him as I wanted to, so he ended up being sidelined to dilithium farming. But had I been able to play him as I envision him, my Nausicaan, General Jesror Krantak, is a far stricter, more controlled, more disciplined man than the stereotype of his race. (Think of him as the General Chang of Nausicaa.) He has absolutely zero tolerance for such "antics" aboard his ship, as he would call it. Uniform regulations, too, are strictly enforced--any member of his crew, male or female, who does not see fit to dress properly for battle (i.e. no skimpy outfits allowed), will be disciplined. Of all of my toons, he is the strictest of all in this regard.

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02-10-2013, 12:20 AM
Well my main, William is having a relationship w another ship captain Varen, a trill.

The other relationship is between my former chief engineer Pscal and first officer V'nia (both andorian). They both moved out when a command positioned opened up on the USS Beijing, a previously mothballed Ambassador class cruiser.

Vnia was offered the commision but refused as she wants to settle down, after an arrangement to concieve with another andorian couple they met during pscals command school stint on san francisco in 2411.

My CMO Bajoran Alarima is concieving with a civilian doctor on the USS Nova Scotia (my mains ship).

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02-10-2013, 03:22 AM
My ship crew would be for all wants and purposes...like the crew of the Nadesico (yeah, the anime) - a group of misfits that should never be in command of a ship

My (visible) crew is:

My guy, a tee shirt, cutoff jean wearing disgrace to Starfleet that by miracle or divine providence has the survivability of a cockroach that applies to his ship too

My Saurian tac, who seems to think hes Golgo 13 (black winter coat, black trousers, black boots and completed with the overcharged plasma sniper rifle)

My Saurian engie, who is a games fanatic and cosplays Sara Croft from Tomb Raider 80: Vulcan tomb edition (and fyi, she does :p)

A generic alien princess sci (as there -has- to be one)

A bajoran engie who hates being on the ship - aka the straight man of the insanity

A Bolarian girl tac who is a war nut, choosing 'dakka' over viability

A standard human blonde ditz sci (barely able to stand up straight but can calculate pi to 67 places)

Another human sci who just goes with the flow (tempted to make her a gothy type..)

..No uniforms are worn (except war nut) and general craziness is expected
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02-10-2013, 04:18 PM
I think a diagram would best describe the relationship between the senior officers and crew of my ship:


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02-10-2013, 04:32 PM
"What is your relationships with your bridge crew like?"

I like to give young aspiring bridge officers a chance to step up and see if they have got the right stuff or not. Am of the belief that cream rises and **** floats.

Sometimes, my bridge officers get a little cocky and complacent. Guess that old Klingon adage about familiarity breeding contempt still does ring true... then we practice airlock drills.
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02-10-2013, 04:43 PM
Any sense of individuality, informality or emotion is utterly repressed and rooted out under the Captain's iron fisted authoritarian tyrannical leadership. At the slightest notion of incompetence, disobedience or rebellion, they are promptly teleported into the nearest quasar.
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02-10-2013, 04:46 PM
Originally Posted by sumghai View Post
I think a diagram would best describe the relationship between the senior officers and crew of my ship:


I find it hilarious that you've had to map out the entire mess so you can work it out in your head.

As for my Captain...

You'll find any previous personal records with Starfleet Intelligence, redacted after shenanigans that MOST DEFINITELY DID NOT OCCUR while serving as a Starfleet Liaison to the Romulan Star Empire during the Dominion War.

...The only remaining material on the service record detailing this incident is a filing number for a disciplinary record.

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