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I just watched TotalBiscuit's Neverwinter beta playthrough, and it's gotten me wondering about a couple of things that could improve STO. We already know that the engines are similar enough that you can port things between them (the foundry is apparently being built to do just this) so I'm starting to see a lot of things that could, and should be brought over.

1. Narrow corridors.

I mean there are a couple where you can't fit two character models next to each other. Can you say correctly scaled interiors?

2. More imaginative level design.

In the Neverwinter video I noticed just how much up and down was involved. That dungeon had drop offs, cliffs, hills, rocks to climb on, stairs, secret areas, hidden chests, hidden bosses, tons of stuff all throughout a very interesting level. Levels in STO on the other hand are rather.... planar. In any given mission there's very little incentive to stray off the beaten path and go exploring, which is weird coming from a series that was all about it.

3. Better plants.

No really. I'll be the first to say it. Neverwinter has better plants than STO. I mean...

They actually look like plants.

4. That melee combat system...

...Can we haz? Star Trek has a long and proud history of fist fights! That is a tradition that should be continued, I say we should have some parts of Neverwinters melee system.

5. The lack of map transfers.

This might not be entirely fair to STO as it was only one dungeon, and theres a lot of planet hopping, but I liked the fact that in the hour long video there was only two map transfers. STO would very much benefit from less or at least better disguised map transfers.

6. The surprisingly minimal VFX.

For such a magic saturated setting, I was decidedly shocked by just how minimal the VFX on powers were. Sure the knife flashing up on the screen whenever a backstab occurred was obnoxious, but other than that it was surprisingly subdued. I like that. I could see the enemies, I could see the environments, I could see!

Contrast that with STO where a simple buff turns your captain Super Saiyan.

All in all, it was a very good showing for the Neverwinter team with a lot of very good things that I hope STO steals.

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