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# 1 Missing Fleet Credits!
02-10-2013, 09:49 AM
This is kind of a major bug. On 2/1/13 I noticed that my Fleet Credits balance was wrong. REALLY wrong. I don't have an exact number because I never expected it to change w/o my input. But it says I have 419 fleet credits. It should be in the MILLIONS. This happened after the buggy server episode of 1/31/13 and 2/1/13. I think it happened when I was buying doffs on the Fleet Starbase. My total on the 2 fleet leaderboards is 2301473. That is without the Fleet Credit boost I always run. It took a year to save that much. I have not spent more than a fraction of this, and only small amounts for common doffs in the last few weeks. It appears from forum searches that I am the only one this happened to, so nobody believes me. Cryptic answers with questions like "are you SURE you didn't buy anything in the Fleet store?" They certainly have the capability of checking my story (if I bought 2 mil worth of gear, where is it?), but I get the feeling they won't waste their time on one player. I am getting to the point where I might leave the game; hard to accept the loss of hundreds of dollars worth of Zen, which they indirectly stole from me. Unless someone has a better idea.
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# 2
02-11-2013, 03:30 AM
Have you bought Embassy Provisions from your replicator?

Because those use Fleet Credits instead of Energy Credits.

Yes, exactly.
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# 3 Good answer, but....
02-11-2013, 06:41 AM
I have bought some - that certainly accounts for some of it, but... For the amount of FC we are talking about, it would have been about 3000 Embassy Provisions. In the last week or so. Seems like more than I would have bought.

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