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Originally Posted by oanid View Post
Atm i have fleet scourge and i have nice cannon build. (retrain it 4 days ago). But i was thinking to try BOP cose of battle cloak (never tried it yet). ?Like i said i have no experiance and atm flying scourge wich is nice, on Fed site i have fleed defiant (5 tac) so i am used to NOT have cloak Like i said, to buy raptor just cose reall little upgrade from scourge i dont see point. And having standard cloak is not something i am looking for.

Is there any way to use cannon build for bop or...?

Waaaay back when...when dinosaurs roamed STO....I never even used Omega. It was just CRF3 and HYT3. Things were that easy! Now with TT doing such a pro job of distributing shields allowing for a defender to raise OTHER defenses to complement that skill just CRF doesn't always do the job of dropping the shields and killing your foe or even dropping them long enough to allow for a HYT shot.

Timing HYT with CRF is actually a bit harder than doing it wih BO3. It can be done, there is just an extra variable to track.

That being said, can you use ALL cannons? Give it a go I say! Load up on energy damage consoles and have a ball. YOU can be the one to come back and tell US how it works out.

Cheers have fun and happy flying!

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