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# 1 Feedback: (For Neverwinter?)
02-11-2013, 08:56 PM
Yeah, so, since the Neverwinter forums don't really have a feedback section I could find, and we are technically running its foundry beta... I figured the best/only way I had to get some feedback to the Neverwinter Foundry Team was to send it to them through STO's. Yeaaaah... so... if there is a better way for me to do this please direct me.

Watching the Neverwinter Beta Livestreams and so on I see that ability scores are still going to be a significant factor in gameplay for the game. Woot.

Would it be possible for certain triggers in say dialog or interaction be open to characters with certain ability scores? Say, 18+ charisma and they get an option to flirt the guard into opening the door? If this isn't something that's on the teams radar as a possibility I'd like to slap it up on there, even if it is remote.

Along similar lines, the class only based interacts would be a really neat thing to have in there as well for the foundry toolbox. The thief only interacts and so on.

To those ends, if we somehow got features that were class dependent here in STO such as in the romulan FE series you get different ways to overload the turret or survive in the wilderness, that would be pretty cool to have.

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