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02-11-2013, 09:13 PM
Energy weapons do equal damage to shields and hull. Torpedoes do less damage to shields and greater damage to hull. We also have torps that innately do different things.

Photons are known for best rate of fire and fastest recharge. Quantums are known for fastest flight speed and burst on impact. Tricobalts are known for temporary disable and excellent burst damage. Chronitons are known for speed debuff with damage almost comparable to a photon. Plasma is known for dot bleedthrough damage after impact and instant damage on impact. Transphasics are known for instant bleedthrough damage on impact.

Each torpedo has its function but the bottom line is that they are all quite equal relative to their specific design when bare hull is present. When shields are present they are not so equal. In my opinion if players are resorting to all energy builds then I think that should be a viable way to play playstyle permitting. However I think it is unacceptable as the ONLY WAY to play.

Now I don't think all energy is the ONLY WAY to play but most responses have centered around the agreement that torpedoes in general need a buff in some way. From a gameplay perspective I view beams as expose weapons and torpedoes as exploit weapons. However if energy weapon do equal damage on shields AND hull I can't quite be satisfied that torpedoes shouldn't be the same. Now if everyone agrees that they shouldn't be the same then I would argue that either energy weapons shouldn't be equally effective on both shields AND hull OR that ALL torpedoes should be compensated in some way for being virtually non-effective on shields and exclusively effective on hull (excluding transphasic).

I can understand torpedoes such as chronitons, transphasics, tricobalts, plasmas not having adequate damage to shields. They have these awesome secondary effects while still dealing direct damage even when negated by shields. I can't see why these torpedoes would need any real "shield damage" added to them. They are quite powerful. Possibly a tweak in proc resistance or proc rate but nothing major. I think they are pretty good. However quantums and photons have no secondary effect. I see no reason for them NOT to be equally effective on both shields and hull. They are primarily meant for direct damage anyway. Now I mean "equal damage" in the sense that photons and quantums should do their labeled damage to the shield NOT bleedthrough. I might lower the recharge of photons to 4 seconds and give it the spotlight it truly deserves as a "dps" torp. While the quantums retain a 8 second recharge and uphold their title as an average firing "burst" torp. If photons were lowered to 4 seconds then I would give them half their direct damage on shields. Allow quantums to keep their full damage on shields as they have a much longer recharge time. And I would use the suggestion of another response made previously and change the torpedo duty officers to reduce the cool down of torpedo modifiying skills such as high yield and torpedo spread.

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