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DS9 Patrol Duty

Faction/Level: Fed, Level 9+ (Lieutenant)
Length: 25-30min
Starting Location: Deep Space Nine (Station), Located: Shuttle Airlock 2 at DS9 left of the DS9 ? Old: Omega/Maco Sets

Description: DS9 patrol duty is not as simple as it sounds. Nothing at DS9 is ever as easy as it seems. A 2-fold plot is unraveling in front of you but can you find the clues? Orion's may be simple pirates but it's up to you to discover what lays behind them. Who is pulling the strings behind the scenes?

Notes: In ship, participation is something that is not seen within STO all that often. This mission will experiment with the possibilities of in ship missions as an element.

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02-12-2013, 01:56 AM
Greetings all,

Has anyone had the opportunity to try this out? We would welcome some really good feedback?



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