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Is horrible. I am letting everyone know that if you deleted a character as recent as 2 weeks ago, the generic email customer service response you will get it.."sorry there is nothing we can do for you" thanks for contacting us.

Im sorry, but I will be leaving this game and take my money else where. They do not want to help anyone, and could care less how much you spend on their company.

I have never had a problem with customer support like this in an MMO that I have played. I waited 9 days for a response via ingame ticket and 3 days via email just to be told something that is a complete lie.

I was told last time that I did not have an available character slot even though I had only one character in my list and as a lifetimer , had 7 characters slots free...another LIE.


EDIT: I'll make sure to pass along your feedback, but as "I quit" threads are not allowed because they always turn into flame threads where the poster gets trolled, I unfortunately have to close this one down. Remember, now that the game is free-to-play, feel free to stop back anytime. We hope to see you again soon! ~BranFlakes

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