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# 1 Fleet wanted
02-12-2013, 04:40 AM

I have 4 characters already belonging to one fleet. However I thinking about creating a new character and want to try a new fleet with her.

This is because I want to meet new people, hopefully with people active in my own timezone.

I would like to avoid being up all night just to be able to do a STF with fleet members. My timezone is GMT+1.

A fleet with the following is a plus;

- STF activity
- Fleet mark activity
- Romulan mark activity
- RP possibility (although not needed. In RP I like documentation and forum RP possibility.)
- People to run missions with and patrols.

I am not super gamer or expert on everything but I am willing to learn may way around STF etc.
My favorite STF is probably KAGE and Space Cure.
I love Star Trek and I like RP now and then.
Huge Science Fiction fan, love shows like TBBT, DOOL, Supernatural and Sanctuary.
I like many characters and will create more,.. eventually.


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