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02-12-2013, 05:16 AM
This is one of my current builds for those toons that a leveled later:

Ship: Breen Chel Grett / Science toon

Fore weap:

3x Plasma DHC MK XI (all with at least one [Acc] proc)
1x Quantum torp MK XII [Acc] [CrtD] [CrtH]

Aft weap:

3x Plasma MK XI turrets (all with at least one [Acc] proc)
1x Kinectic Cutting Beam (from all my parses, it does more damage then a turret)


Borg MK X


Borg MK X


Resilient Shield Array MK XII [Cap] [Pla] [Reg] (20% plasma resist).

Eng consoles:

3x Electroceramic Hull Plating MK XI (+37.5 Plasma resist)

Sci consoles:

Zero point energy conduit
Tachyoknetic converter
Borg assimilated

Tac consoles:

4x Plasma Infuser MK XI

This build is PVE - STF centric but does pretty well on Fleet Actions and Kerat.

It is also focused on critical chance and critical severity, hence the consoles. I fly with 9% critical chance and 69% critical severity and my skills are set for critical hit and severity (Starship Energy Weap Espec) and power levels (engine, shield, aux and weapon performance).

This build manages to get me to the 1st or 2nd spot on any STF from the EliteSTF channel. Only when with my fleet mates that I fall to 2nd and 3rd mainly because this is not a expensive build (no fleet gear or dil store gear).
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