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I have seen some others report this but wanted to get my voice in.

Problem one, after switching toons once or even twice using the new switch character button, the channel button gets screwed up. Before the switching, I have Local, Fleet, Zone, Officer, and a personal Fleet channel. After switching i can only access local, zone, and the personal fleet channel until I right click on the chat window look at the settings and close the setting box.

Problem two, after switching from one toon to another especially if it is switching from a kdf to fed toon or vice versa I can see the fleet chat of my kdf fleet on my fed and i can see the fleet chat of my fed fleet on my kdf. But I cannot access those fleet channels since I'm in another fleet on the other toon.

Problem three, at times when I change the Starbase\Fleet\Embassy\Fleet events on one fleet my fed fleet for example my kdfs corresponding message is changed to an identical one. For example if i say congrats on getting to tier 1 on the kdf it changes the same message on the fed to read the same.
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02-11-2013, 04:02 PM
Same here with #1 and #2.

@Problem #3:
If i type a new MOTD the textbox on every other holding tab keeps the last message i typed ... no matter what holding or fleet.
The message doesn't actually change, it's just the textbox showing the wrong text.
May this be the case with your MOTD too?
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02-12-2013, 05:32 AM
The only issue (that i have) with the Fleet MOTD is i want my Full length MOTD from launch back.

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