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Originally Posted by admgreer View Post
If found a really good build for this ship and it fits in with the story (kind of) The Romulan gear, The full XII purple Romulan set,
Romulan XII DBB, Experimantal BA, Romulan BA, Romulan Hyper Torp
Rear Weps, Borg Cutting beam, Romulan BA X2, Omega Torp.

2 XII Plasma Tac consoles, 1 XII plasma Torp console, Borg 3x set, Romulan 3x set, XII field Gen, XII EPS (for BO), Nuetronium Armor, and 3 Torp Doffs, and 2 Doffs that reduce ability cooldown

I figured that the romulan captured the ship and it was badly damaged so they has to repair it with their own technology. And in game it does very well as a Plasma boat, The Romulan shields are Ok and the set abilitys are so-so, its not a bad set at all with the other Romulan gear, (Prototype Plasma Projectiles) SO yes this is a very very expensive build, 24k Dil a pop per Wep from the Reputation store. But it does good and rolls in ESTF's with no issues.
24k a pop holy s***e didn't know that
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3 phaserbeam-arrays MkXII ACC-CrtH-DMG , 1 Wideangle Quantum Torpedo
3 phaserbeam-arrays MkXII ACC-CrtH-DMG , 1 Quantum Torpedo MKXII ACC-CrtH-DMG

Aegis Set

Weapon-Battery, Shield-Battery, Aux-Battery, Subspace-Field- Modulator

Borg-Assimilated-Module, Phaser-Point-Defence-System, Tachyokinetic-Converter, Neutronium-Alloy Mk XI purple

2xField-Generator Mk XII blue

3xPhaser Relais Mk XI purple


Tac LT: Torpedo Spread I, Beam Overload II

Tac Ens: Tactical Team

ENG Com: Emergency Power to Weapons I, Auxiliary to Sructural I, Directed-Energy-Modulation II, Reverse Sield-Polarity III

ENG Lt: Enginerring Team I, Emergency Poer to Weapons II

SCI Ltc: Science Team I, Photonic Officer I, Feedback-Pulse II
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My set up is the following:

Fore: 2 x Elite Fleet Phaser Beam Array, 2 x Advanced Fleet Phaser Beam Array
Aft: 2 x Elite Fleet Phaser Beam Array, 1 x Advanced Fleet Phaser Beam Array, Cutting Beam

En. Tac: Beam Fire at Will
Lt. Tac: Tactical Team, Attack Pattern Delta
Com. Eng: Em. to Weapons I, Reverse shield Pol., Em. to Shields III, Directed Energy Modulation III
Lt. Eng: Eng. Team, Aux to Bat
Lt. Com. Sci: Tractor Beam, Hazard Em., Gravity Well.

Devices: Aux bat, Red matter, Weapon Bat, Subspace Field Modulator


Elite Fleet Shields or MACO XII
Omega Engines and Deflector


Engineering: Assimilated Module, 2 x Neutronium Alloy , (4th console depends but not RCS)
Science: 1 x Field Generator, 1 x Particle Generators
Tactical: 3 x Phaser Relay
Fed Sci: Tethys U.S.S. Chronos Aionios, U.S.S. Denomon Gnosis {Fleet: HSF}
KDF Eng: Boreas I.K.S. Demonon Nemesis {Fleet: HoS}
Rom Sci: Crius I.R.W. Noctem Aeternus {Fleet: LoS}
Fed Tac: Kronos U.S.S. Xibalba, I.S.S. Theogonia{Fleet: HSF}

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