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# 11
02-11-2013, 11:49 PM
Well this is what I run with my Dominion HEC;
Commander Tac: tt1, beta1, csv2 or crf2, omega3
lt Com eng: epts1, aux2bat1, dem2 or ewp1
lt eng: eptw1, aux2bat1,
lt Eng: eng team, rvsp1,
ensign sci: he1

Deflector: adapted khg deflector/Maco deflector
Engine: khg engine/adapted maco engine
Shield: adapted khg shield/Maco Shield

2piece maco gives 5% cooldown reduction and 3 tech doffs give 30% reduction every 10 seconds. Having Plasmonic leech is nice and with it I get over 200 weapon power near constant. Use DEM doff to get 8 seconds of weapon power drain resistance, and my phased polarons hit hard. With this setup I effectively have my tac abilities on global, and can spam dem or ewp. This is a tank in pvp, and killer in pve. Just change crf2 to csv2 for pve. Get 8-14k dps in stfs those are min and max. Rarely do I see my weapon power when using abilities drop below 110 power.

If my hull is getting very low I just hit rvsp1 and eng team, and use HE1 when aux power comes back. I have 9 in eps system skill and 2 purple mk 12 eps consoles giving me another 160% transfer. This helps a lot usually get aux back quickly enough to hit it again getting full benefit.

Timing is hard though, having to use abilities I'm going to use then using aux2bat so I get the full reduction has taken some getting used too. However this build gets rid of the use of tac team reduction doffs, attack pattern doffs, and energy weapon doffs that decrease cooldown of cannon abilities.

Fed side you loose plasmonic leech, but gain leadership boffs. Having 9 in hull repair with 4 leadership boffs gives you a lot of healing that not having a powerful HE most of the time isn't suicide. I hear there is leadership kdf side, but its extremely rare on very rare kdf aliens.

There are pros to this build and cons, but so far I really like it. Really enjoy having 125 shield power which gives 4 times shield regen and like somewhere between 30-40% resistance due to that power level.
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# 12
02-11-2013, 11:58 PM
These builds almost make it worthy to have 2x target subsystem aux
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# 13
02-12-2013, 05:40 AM
Anyone ever tried energy syphon to make up for the aux loss? does it work?

Activate it just before (1 a 2 sec) activating AtoB. The LT version should be short enough to prevent that you are still getting aditional power when activating next AtoB

to target: -9 All Power Settings for 5 sec
to self: After 3 sec, +9 all power settings for 5 sec
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# 14
02-12-2013, 06:12 AM
It's pretty easy to game AtB with an Engineer, Leech, and Siphon. I'm not sure why adding AKHG into the mix would make that worse - would think that it would remove any possible negative consequences of the AtB build that might be left over...fill in those rare gaps that aren't covered already.

I gave it up because it was like a drug. You get used to playing at that speed...and man, it was so painful trying to play my toons without it. Like playing in molasses...

"Wheeeee, this is kind of fun. Oopsie...my bad."
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# 15
02-12-2013, 09:35 AM
What bout in team play..do you think the AtB build hurts the team.
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# 16
02-12-2013, 11:20 AM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
this thread is a masterpiece. every single thing ricky said is accurate, and my exact experience with tech doffs. i always meant to make such a thread, or a post this detailed, i'm glad i didn't end up having to do it! i remember back last year, the vet ships just came out, a patch put AtB on the AtX system cooldowns, when it suddenly occurred to me that i could run 2 AtB, and 2 EPtX, and proboly have things at global with just 1 copy of them. if i recall, me and ricky were PMing each other talking about the possibility. i know he at least came up with the run EPtA with it idea.

masterfully done, with the case studies showing AtB not being especially helpful some places, but making otherwise fail builds, like a fed tac cruiser, almost passable. just 1 copy isn't better then doubling up 2 of the same ability, and when you have a LTC and COM station that are the same type that are not eng, its totally pointless.

the double AtB builds, especially with leach and maco, can leave you dry quite often, more times then i can count i would have someone tractored and my aux falling below 0 canceling it. then of course thats a period of no aux based abilities working at all.

you got to choose between not better then 2 copies of things with 1 AtB, and peeks of 125/125/125, and valleys of 0 aux for sometimes close to 10 seconds.

*edit- this thread added to TOC in my help and build thread linked in my sig
Thanks man. I'm going to (dis?)credit you as the evil mind behind doubling up on it. It's the nature of min/maxxers to do such things and it really changed the dynamic. Also a lot of this you'll recognize as stuff that came out of our conversations here and in chat. I should have given you credit as a collaborator from the start but there seemed to maybe be some A2B hate out there and I didn't want to throw you under the bus. Consider yourself thrown I guess.

Originally Posted by sgtciscoinsa View Post
What bout in team play..do you think the AtB build hurts the team.
First, like I said, I primarily pug. That said, I think I can only give a non-answer of "It depends on the build." I was in a pickup OPVP 5v5 the other night in my HEC with outrageous healing propping me up. I may have even been able to slot another Tac in the Uni if I'd had time to break RA and think it through. I could see an A2B control/zone denial cruiser finding a nice spot on a team with high EWP, and TB/TBR uptime to remove a healer and sit on him.

"Hurts the team"? Hard to say. If you're shoehorning A2B in on a build that shouldn't have it you're not doing anybody any favors. Plus, team is kind of muzzy. A pre made setup artist A2B Vesta running doff'd VM3, PSW to break ES, TB, and EWP is going to have a healer that knows what to expect. A pug might see a Vesta and think they'll at least be self-sufficient if not tossing out heals. Plus, that build just isn't what you need in pug play in the first place.

So... yeah, non-answer. Depends on the build and the team setting.

I guess I would say that a 5 man A2B team probably won't bring what's needed to the premade circuit with no Aux2Sif, weakened HE and others, not to mention other random stuff like Sensor Scan for which you want to crank Aux.
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# 17
02-12-2013, 11:50 AM
the main ship type that benefits from AtB is the cruiser, but an AtB cruiser doesn't make a very good healer at all. instead it mostly nerfs its healing output, wile boosting offense. so an AtB cruiser is 1 less dedicated healer, and unless its a KDF cruiser its not making up for the loss of an escort's damage on the team.
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# 18
02-12-2013, 01:30 PM
I use A2B1 + 3xPurple Tech Doff on my escort since months

Like i have double healing and double attacking ability
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# 19
02-12-2013, 01:54 PM
Originally Posted by nandospc View Post
I use A2B1 + 3xPurple Tech Doff on my escort since months

Like i have double healing and double attacking ability
Hi and welcome! This is just the kind of hyperbole the kids tell their friends that lead to A2B misuse and one of the reasons we're here.

Would you please explain how you achieve double healing and double attacking ability on an escort?

As we saw in the BoP example, you can double tap certain abilities such as BO and HYT if you time the activation within the window in which A2B will bring it up again. But this comes at the cost of reduced healing. Further, most escorts have the ability to run 2 copies of tac abilities anyway, with room for only 1 copy of A2B, which will not double anything.

So if you would be so kind, please support your "double healing and double attacking" assertion with the details of your build.
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# 20
02-13-2013, 04:03 AM
Great write up. Btw i switched from the jem xii shield to the maco shield and the power boosting of it does help with 2x aux2bat setup. Quite alot infact.

Now comes the question of do i keep the maco or go back to jem shield for the full set bonuses etc and to be cannon.

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