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02-11-2013, 07:23 PM
Originally Posted by tancrediiv View Post
Customization without any real use. Ooo, look, I changed the color of the carpet, the style of the shower, and what's outside the moon base. Oooo, ah. But it doesn't DO anything.
Yeah. I wouldn't mind more customization and the ability to change/control the look of my interiors more than what we currently have. But as you note here with Champions, even if they did add more customization and more areas for us to display things in this game, the issue would be that they didn't add anything to do in the interiors.

Also, it's a bit trickier in this game since they did give us stuff to "do" in the interiors. They gave us the DOFF thingies (though most folks just access them without walking around inside the ship). And they let us use interiors for some of the foundry stuff, so there are tools available to do a lot of things inside a ship's interior.

I'm not sure what else this dev team could do. Or even has the resources for.
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They could still do this with ship interiors. There are only a handful of interiors to modify. All they have to do is place the object in the existing rooms and have an unlock you work on. Once unlocked, the device appears.

So regardless of which interior you have, the device appears when the instance is created. Even if you change ships, the devices appear in those interiors.

Again, it would be just like the current Fleet Starbase and Embassy systems except this one is controlled by a single person.
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Originally Posted by sumghai View Post
I'd prefer having this functionality on board our starships, as part of a major interior revamp.
Beam up to your ship and go down to the crew deck and sleep in your private cabain.

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02-12-2013, 08:29 AM
Some of the most desired interiors in the game are the Bug and the D'Kora. Why? Because just about everything is accessible without changing maps and not running room to room through corridor and too much wasted space. The Tuffli would be near perfect if that corridor was short or if the non social things like the commodities, crafting, bank echange and mail were terminals on the bridge.

Why do people like these small sets? Because they conserve time by allowing players to get things done quickly so they can get back outside to the real game. Because they spend time not loading maps.

Valoreah. Never mind. Addressing your personal criticism is useless. You are wrong on everything you said. Done with you.
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02-12-2013, 02:22 PM
I never understood why the Belfast bridge had to be a seperate map from the rest of Deck one. There are places where the interiors need some work.
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Definitely interested in see more interior customisation, and the idea of ESD/Fleet Starbase quarters sounds even better. That said, not to be put above many other things that need work...
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Originally Posted by z69evermoon View Post
Beam up to your ship and go down to the crew deck and sleep in your private cabain.

Already addressed this. Your argument, invalidated.

Originally Posted by icegavel View Post
Originally Posted by pompouluss View Post
It seems odd that people essentially want a thing that already exists.

The interior starship in general exists as the 'hideout' or player base. It's visually customizable, it has little quests and places to visit, it has stations to access doff reports. You can invite people to it already. There's a trophy room already. This feature is already here.
But it's not done. It's rough, it's bland, it's next to useless (as most of the DOff missions can be accessed via your Department Heads and the rest aren't worth doing), and the "customization" is almost nonexistent. Many people have called for a Ship Interior overhaul. Failing that, we should at least have quarters. I feel like a homeless guy with a spaceship.

By the Prophets, I'm The Doctor (except not a Time Lord, and my ship isn't as cool - also, I'm missing my fez). Having personal quarters, or a planetside home, would add more depth to the game. And, I can see SOME functionality. Maybe there's a relaxation spa/sonic shower that gives a bonus to movement speed and accuracy. Maybe you can get a gym, for increased physical damage. Maybe a personal holodeck for training exercises against holographic enemies. (a way to test builds). Maybe Poker, or Tongo, or Pool. Not to mention the decorative abilities.

There's a lot we could do that we're not doing.
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