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I do understand the Klingon focus for the KDF, but I do wish we'd get more exposer to the None Klingon cultures/Species of the Empire.

It would be nice to have a FE exploring the other species the Orions, Gorn, Ferasans, Letheans, Nausicaans, Trill and how they fit within the Empire.

Right now the Doff assignment chain is almost the only info we have on the Ferasans for example. How and why are they joining the Empire.

Have the Letheans proven thier worthy of joining the Empire as full citizens yet?

Is the Orion Sydicate manipulating the high council? And how does the Orion Sydicate function in practical terms. I mean its a criminal originization that some how became the governing institution of an entire species. How does it provide social services, build new cities of Ter'jas Mor, and the like, yet act like the secret criminal oraganization. The Syndicate seems more like Privateers then Pirates. I mean when you make the laws its hard to be criminals, unless you break your own rules.

I also wish to learn more about the Gorn Castes, which seem as much biology based as social.

What's the back story for the Trill Colony?

I want to know why the Ferasans have joined the Empire and a deeper look into thier joint history with the Caitians.

It'd be nice to explore the history, mythologies, customes, atanomy, and heroes of these species.

I do remember hearing something about the Gorn Homeworld and a visit by the Voth.

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