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02-13-2013, 12:57 AM
What engine is Neverwinter using, if it's different than STO and CO then it doesn't mean anything for this game.
As long as STO is running I'll be playing it if for no other reason than that I am sick to death of medieval fantasy.
Wizards, elves, humans, dwarves, orcs, golbins, demons and assorted wildlife, hacking and slashing at each other in some dim cave or stupid forest. I don't care what name you give it, it's all repetitions on the same boring theme and it has been done to death. I want science fiction, I want space ships and aliens and laser battles and different worlds. I've had enough of trudging through some murky forest looking for magic mushrooms and dragon scales.
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02-13-2013, 01:48 AM
in common with most second world and pw games there is ZERO data available about neverwinter
all you can get is videos (bad quality) and Rumour

if they want us to play it we need a MANUAL
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02-13-2013, 01:50 AM
Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
What engine is Neverwinter using, if it's different than STO and CO then it doesn't mean anything for this game.
Cryptic Studios web site says:

"Cryptic utilizes a proprietary engine that contains all the tools needed to efficiently build and operate massive online games. Developed in house, the engine continues to be upgraded and adjusted by its original creators to improve the engine's versatility and functionality. In addition, efficient content generation tools have been incorporated to streamline the development process, allowing real-time testing of art assets within the game environment."
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02-13-2013, 03:00 AM
Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
What engine is Neverwinter using...
This one but better, I figure.
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02-13-2013, 03:55 AM
Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
...As long as STO is running I'll be playing it if for no other reason than that I am sick to death of medieval fantasy...
Signed. I never was a fantasy fan, but I went looking through the PWE titles just to see if there was anything interesting and it was all variations of the same theme, except for STO and CO. And personally, I would feel silly playing CO since I'm in my thirties...

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02-13-2013, 07:16 AM
Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
What engine is Neverwinter using, if it's different than STO and CO then it doesn't mean anything for this game.

From everything I have read, it is the same engine as CO/STO. There really is nothing to say it is better, and quite frankly, it doesn't need to be. I think someone else said it best, they really haven't put out enough info on the game yet.

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02-13-2013, 08:11 AM
Same engine, but used in a different way.

I can say things about what happened in the last beta weekend, as beta weekends don't have an NDA, but I won't answer a lot of questions unless I personally experienced it during beta; you can refer to the NW website for more answers, there's a TON of info going up in the last three days from the beta players.

It's an action combat system, and requires you to choose your "active" powers from your menu of unlocked powers, to customize your gameplay focus. So far the classes have power choices that let you focus on your primary role or your secondary role, optimize for soloing vs. grouping, optimize for single-target DPS or AoE, etc.

Your "at-will" powers (no cooldown, these are your main attacks) are bound to the mouse buttons. There's no tab-targeting, it's a bit like shooter mode in STO in that you attack what your crosshair it pointed at, although there's a bit of "stickiness" in that if you hold down the button you'll keep attacking that same person until you let up, even if you rotate away, up until you've got them completely out of your firing arc.

Your "encounter" powers are bound to Q, E, and R. They have cooldowns, so you can typically use them each once in a quick fight against a couple of minions, twice in a fight against several minions or a lieutenant and a couple of minions, and many times in a boss fight.

Your "daily" power is on "1" (at the levels I've played in beta, you can only have one slotted at a time, although there's clearly a locked place for a second, which we assume comes at a higher level, and is on "2") works a little differently. You've got this big d20 in the middle of your bar, and slowly charges up when you use your powers; more so for your "role" things, so DPS classes charge it fastest for doing damage, Tanks charge it fastest for taking hits, Healers charge it fastest for healing. When it's full, you can fire the daily power off.

In practice, it means you can use that daily every few minutes if you're actively engaged. In longer end boss fights, it's not unusual to get it off twice, but that won't happen every boss fight.

It avoids "floatiness" by rooting you when you start a power, until it's complete. You can interrupt your own powers however with your "avoidance" power.

"Avoidance" powers are inherent to the class, you don't slot them. They're either done with shift, shift and a direction key, or double-tapping a direction. For the Guardian Fighter, which was active this weekend, it's shift, and it causes you to block, much like in Champions Online. For some other classes, it might be a dodge, so shift-direction or double-tap direction like the "shoulder roll" in STO, or it might be a short-range teleport, etc. You use it when either the mob is telegraphing a high-damage attack, or when a "splat" is down for an area-effect power.

The splats are a red area that shows where the attack will hit, and vary in duration; some attacks throw the splat down less than a second before they fire off, and are typically a sustained attack so you can avoid most of it even if you don't react instantly. Others are a high-burst-damage nuke, and those put the splat down longer. If you stop attacking and use your avoidance power you'll pretty much always get out of them, but you've got to be paying attention for those splats or the related animations.

You've got a power on Tab. When it's active, it gives you a boost that makes all of your powers do more of what your role is. So, for instance, for the Devout Cleric (healer class), it's called "Divine Power" and adds an AoE heal and personal heal to all your powers. It also tends to make them better at whatever else it is they do. In some cases it also replaces your "at-will" powers with role-specific versions. It lasts a few seconds, and then must be charged up again over time, like the "daily" action points. I'm not sure how often that charges, I didn't play with it over beta weekend much.

3-5 are for items in your bag, such as potions. They stack. The bags are multiple bags like in CO, but they all open at once in a single window, like in STO.

Otherwise it's the same Cryptic engine from CO and STO. The graphics are more like STO, as is the customization.

There will be five classes at launch. There are more being internally tested with Cryptic, which will follow as they are ready. They have stated that classes will be free, and reiterated it recently, so they should all be available free as they're introduced; no word on if there will be class respecs, so of course you'd have to roll a new toon to use them.

To answer the question in the subject line, I suspect the main thing it means for STO is "the Foundry team will implement version 1.0 of the Foundry for us once they're done implementing it for Neverwinter", which is going to rule since the NW Foundry has some awesome features regarding author microblogging that are going to make it much easier to find good missions regardless of one-star wars.
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02-13-2013, 09:26 AM
The engine we use today grew out of the engine we'd developed for COH/V. What we use now is significantly different from that engine, but still shares some things in common with the COH engine.

What we use today, is used on all of our games (STO, NW, CO)

We developed our current engine initially for Marvel. That morphed into CO. When each new game comes along, we essentially copy the code/basics of our existing game over to the new one. They are both running the same engine, but operate independently. So, when STO came along, we copied CO off. When we got NW, we copied STO.

I often hear people complain about how NW has all the best stuff, and why don't we have that, or when will we get that? (I heard the same thing about STO when I was on CO) The main thing people don't seem to understand is that any of our live games (CO and STO currently) need to operate in a stable environment. A live game, lags behind (technologically) it's in development brothers (NW currently). This is necessary to ensure that our game can function. While NW may have new shinies that people want, in it's current state it also has a lot of broken things (it's in Beta afterall).

Now, every so often, when we get a into a good, stable position on our in development game, we'll sync our other projects up to it's code, so for a day or so, they are all on the same page. Then, they immediately split off again, each developing by themselves for a bit. The in development game will surge ahead, with newer fancier stuff, because they don't have to worry about keeping a live shard running. If there's a game breaking bug in NW, they have time to address it.

Here, I drew you a graph:

So, yes, we're all on the same engine. No, we don't all have the exact same code all the time. Yes, eventually we are likely to get the code NW is working on. No, this doesn't guarantee that feature X will be included in STO.

Hope that helps.

ETA: Even within a single project (like STO) there are code branches. There is a branch that is currently live, and there is a branch most people are working on for a future update. Then there are even further future branches that programming is working in for tech stuffs. When we make a new release, we release what was the update branch, and everyone steps forward one branch and keeps working. This way, while we work on a new update (say, not season 8) we aren't breaking a bunch of stuff that is already live.
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02-13-2013, 10:20 AM
I am going to use that graphic any time I have to explain this subject, whether related to Cryptic or not.
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02-13-2013, 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Top NW things i'd like to see in STO:

- Vertical Maps (The Cloak Tower in NW was pretty awesomely designed)
- Foundry (proper Foundry rewards, drag-and-drop rooms etc)
- More integrated Foundry experience (bulletin boards, random npcs etc)
- Larger Maps (Protector's Enclave far exceeds the size of any STO map, save for possibly New Romulus)

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