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The Jupiter Veteran Belt belt loops are stuck on a default grey color, and there's no option to change them. I made a picture below. You can see there are options for the belt color (shown in green), and the buckle (in red), but the loops can not be adjusted to match the jacket.

In the upper right-corner inset of the picture you can see that the standard (non-veteran) Jupiter Belt not only has a color option for the belt loops, but also the ability to control the buckle frame. It would be nice to have this on the Veteran as well, but I'd be happy with at least making my belt loops match the jacket they belong to.

This has been a problem for some time, basically since shortly after the uniform part was introduced. Dstahl recently made a comment in a Q&A about fixing uniform issues, which reminded me to get the screenshot.

Thank you.

ETA: I opened PW Tech Support tkt #130213-000494 for this issue.

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