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02-13-2013, 04:36 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Feel free to leave feedback about that in here I'll make sure to pass it along.
Here are some suggestions:

Increase the overall number of fleet marks rewarded for group content. 27 marks for a fleet alert just isn't that much.

Base fleet mark rewards on the tier of SB. The Fleet Alerts randomly picks one of the SBs of the players to use and higher tiers can give you more difficult enemies - if a higher tier SB is chosen, you get more points per stage. A straight multiplier similar to how the requirements increase would be perfect. This would help smaller fleets when their members join a PUG that is defending a high tier fleet's SB. This would also encourage high tier fleets to do missions together to make sure they get the full marks due their starbase.

The Officer of the Watch missions should also scale with starbase/embassy tier, with higher tiers offering more difficult/time consuming missions but also much more marks as a reward. 5 marks is a joke, and I doubt many do these missions anymore. 25-50 marks per day would be enough to make it worthwhile for me to do.

Make the Fleet mark bonus time grant double or more marks. Extended the time won't really increase the amount of marks generated since the only purchasing power we have is time - the marks/hour wouldn't change. Doubling would encourage more players to spend their time earning marks vs earning other reputation or dilithium.

Also, I don't understand the comment about "Fleet marks are for group events" comment. If that's the case, then what's the reasoning behind converting CXP to fleet marks?

ProTip for everyone: Did you know you can pickup a Fleet Marks bonus pool from your Operations Officer on your SB? It grants you 20% extra fleet marks for fleet events. It costs 15k Fleet Credits, but you earn back most of it with the additional marks.
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02-13-2013, 04:37 PM
The crux of the problem is that there is no "natural" pace of Fleet progression when you don't have a massive pool of players in the fleet. It isn't hard to understand why people would feel their motivation sink when they know it'll take them over a year at best to even get to T5. The entire thing is worked around the exact wrong end of the spectrum, with the few massive fleets given priority over the smallest fleets.

Compared to the Reputation System, which at the very least works and lets the player get his daily progression without enforcing immense burdens on him, there is no such thing with the Fleet Advancement system. There is something terribly wrong when there are people SELLING access to Fleet stores, because the writing on the wall is that there will always be only a handful of privileged fleets that can make it to the top. At this rate soon enough some high-tier Fleets will be charging for membership.
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02-13-2013, 04:40 PM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
we Will Be Bringing The Tribble Server Down For Maintenance To Apply A New Update.

  • resolved An Issue That Could Cause The Dilithium Mining Minigame To Display Incorrectly.
  • the Foundry Daily Missions Have Been Replaced.
    • the Existing Daily Missions Have Been Removed.
    • now, All Qualifying Foundry Missions Will Automatically Reward A Scaling Amount Of Dilithium And Skill Points/expertise.
    • dilithium Will Be Rewarded Based On The Average Playtime Of The Mission.
    • all Spotlight Missions Will Reward The Same As A Qualifying Mission, With Two Exceptions.
      • once Every 24 Hours, The First Spotlight Mission Completed In That Time Frame Will Get A Bonus 1440 Dilithium.
      • once Every 24 Hours, The First Spotlight Mission Completed In That Time Frame Will Get A Scaling Amount Of Energy Credits, Based On The Player's Level.
  • the Fleet Level Display Will No Longer Be Cut Off For Fleets With Really Long Names.
  • the Winter 2012 Fleet Project Can Now Be Cancelled.
    • only A Fleet Leader Will Be Able To Cancel This Project.
    • this Permission Cannot Be Delegated To Members Of Lower Ranks.
    • any Items Donated Toward The Completion Of The Project Will Be Lost And Not Refunded.
    • any Fleet Credit Earned By Donating To This Project Is Kept.
  • resolved A Graphics Issue That Was Introduced With The Last Patch To Tribble And Caused Some Players To Get Blue Screens Or Black Screens.

  • updated Tricobalt Mines & Triciobalt Torpedoes:
    • reduced The Cooldown Of Both Of These Weapon Types From 60sec To 30sec.
    • their Damage Has Been Halved As A Result Of This Cooldown Reduction, Keeping Their Damage-per-second Constant.
    • the Shared Cooldown On Multiple Tricobalt Mines Has Been Reduced From 30sec To 15sec.
    • The Shared Cooldown On Multiple Tricobalt Torpedoes Has Been Reduced From 30sec To 15sec.
    • the Global Cooldown For All Tricobalt Devices Has Been Reduced From 15sec To 5sec.

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02-13-2013, 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
Maybe soloing and fleeting are inherently incompatible. You know, like, if you want to be in a fleet and you want your fleet to have a shiny stabase, then your fleet should play like a fleet.

Or else, they don't deserve their shiny starbase.

Granted, the way "fleeting" was set up with the starbase, it never really encourage a fleet to play together. It only encourage everyone to contribute to a community charity while they play FvE missions with team members of other fleets.
In any fleet, particularly a large fleet your going to have solo players, whether you personally like it or not, who should be able to contribute to the fleet goals.

I could be mistaken but I just can't help but read an anti-solo sentiment in your posts. If that's the case i'm sorry to bust your bubble but some people are just never going to play with others even in a MMO and really doesn't detract from your gaming experience at all. In some cases that might be how the soloist gets along with other people. Or maybe it just takes them longer to drop their shields. Regardless solo fleet mates should have a way to contribute to fleet goals too.

And if i'm completely off base with this, I apologize to you and the community, and hope you don't take this as a personal attack.
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02-13-2013, 04:44 PM
Originally Posted by atatassault View Post
Sad to see the Tricobalt nerf. It was fun being able to insta-gib STF targets.
Yeah Tricobalt weapons are now useless....
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02-13-2013, 04:45 PM
There's also that this hurts lower level/new players the most in terms of feeling like they are contributing.

We advice new people who join our fleet "not to worry" about Dilithium contributions until they hit level 50 because it is more or less an unreasonable request, but gets much easier then as capping at 8K a day once you have a well built up character is not really hard. We want to create an atmosphere where there isn't pressure to do the unreasonable.

Fleet marks and contributing common DOFFS to projects are their main method of being able to feel like they are doing something. This really drops the hammer on a lot of those people who want to feel like they are "contributing" (not that this should be your only reason for being in a fleet, I still maintain the best thing about fleets is the people).

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Moving the allocation of marks is fine, but just don't completely siphon them off please. As it stands I have projects on both the SSR FED and KDF fleets in dire need of Fleet Marks; this is the one item resource that even with the 50 per foundry mission are taking too long to get a hold of even with the size of the fleet (we are near tier 3 KDF and tier 4 FED, yet I hear that Tier 5 total cost will equal the costs of all of Tiers 1-4 combined?!).

  • Dilithium - good balance for time:effort (minus the 8k limit for subbed players, at least double it to give reason to sub).
  • EC - where it should be.
  • GPL - either convert everything non-combat cost these so they have an actual use or get rid of it.
  • Lobi - up the per box lobi 2-3 fold so there is reason to and encouragement to open the boxes for the combat items in the lobi store.
  • Omega Marks - where it should be
  • Romulan Marks - needs an increase accross missions, the colony map is fine for value, azure needs to get that cap removed or at least mirrir gained marks from the colony map.
  • Fleet Marks - across the board project reduction OR increase in ways to gain, be it 10-15 per player in a team if in a team per mission play OR 50 per Fleet Defence/pvp.

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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
As long as we get another 15 minutes 50 marks reward that's ok

Because grinding for marks is boring with the same 7-8 missions. It's been 6 months, and there's nothing new/fun anymore with those, and the starbase and fleet embassy are really demanding.
Seriously this.

I was sick of the tiny handful of missions with low reward for time invested, and that's DURING the event.

Sorry guys but the fleet content was always weak, pointless and is not even remotely challenging (outside of NWS) or fun.

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Feel free to leave feedback about that in here I'll make sure to pass it along.

The mission design is weak.

They consist of empty, open spaces without any real character or theme.

The enemies are dumb (AI), there are no objectives other than "shoot stuff", few of the Fleet Mark events even you to do more than "go to a, then shoot stuff".

The amount of marks you get for the time invested are generally weak, they don't give any decent gear, loot bag, ECs or dilithium.

Several of them don't even really connect thematically to being in a Fleet (Colony invasion, No Win Situation) any more than STFs do.

What's more, we're tired of them. You can only repeat a mission like these, devoid of tactics, so many times - and as one poster said it's been 6 months of these missions already.

Fleet Starbases have been heavily monetized in several ways, good job - now can we please have some of that invested back to ensure the longevity of the system with new missions that at least pretend to require a strategy.

I'm not trying to be rude, but the simple truth is that I have not been able to stand doing the Fleet Mark Events since probably the second week since they've been live.

I no of no one that actually enjoys doing these.

Should playable mission content be something many players feel they simply have to suffer through?

Romulan Rep missions also suffer from this issue.

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Will trico nerf affect also bio-neural warhead's recharge time and dmg?

FM reward removal from foundry imo is fail.
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02-13-2013, 05:10 PM
Fleet Mark removal FAIL.

Let me guess the next thing they will be removed from in the CXP turn in will only provide energy credits cause you don't doff as a group? Go ahead add 'em to pvp wonder how many AFKers will be created farming it.

Cryptic learn human nature before messing with this type of stuff pretty please.

Oh well guess its time to pony up the 50 or so million EC and give it to that fleet selling ships. Seems to be the logical conclusion I can draw from everything.

And bye bye foundry, it was nice while you were relevant.

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