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02-13-2013, 05:30 PM
actually i did lay out what i did

foundry mission fed side: battleship 1 on 1. pits you against a single klingon neg'var which also has boarding party. 20 of them, one at a time. you are in constant combat the entire time

i used act

1st test - 6 turrets and cutting beam. cycled between rapid fire, scatter volley (because of boarding party). apb2 on cooldown. on a ship wit a turn rate of 7 and inertia of 70 vs. cruisers that turn and try to get their forward arcs towards you constantly ie. not slow ass borg ships.

4198 dps over 15 minutes of continual combat. 6,783 hits, 98.61 hit rate, 6% crit rate

2nd test - 5 turrets and cutting beam, one 180 degree quantum torpedo. same as above only also threw in torp spread 1 and 2.

4191 dps over 16 minutes. 7,169 hits, 98.52 hit rate, 5% crit

3rd test - 5 beams and cutting beam, one 180 degree torp. beam fire at will 2 and 3. apb 3. spread 1 and 2.

5071 dps over 13 minutes. 4467 hits, 97.51 hit rate, 6% crit rate

beams may not be better than dhc or even regular cannons - but don't feed me or the community bull that replacing them all with turrets is better. it's not. not unless you are always facing towards or or away from your opponent and in that case with that amount of manueverablity you should be in a ship using dhc.

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