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02-13-2013, 10:16 PM
#1 The T3 Ambassador ship requires level 20 commander to use and you are now requiring players to be level 25 before they can even obtain it, only giving them 5 levels instead of 10 to make use of it before they get their next free ship that is slightly better? Good thing I did that mission and got my ships on all of my characters already.

#2 I see no mention at all about the Yesterday's Enterprise "Uniform" being removed or staying as a reward in the Temporal Ambassador episode. Not in the patch notes, or anywhere else on the forums. (Please post a link if it's been officially mentioned.)

#3 You are making it so the Breen Chel Grett Warpship 2012 starbase ornament is off by default and has to be turned on manually ONLY for the KDF and not Federation fleets. This is something players have been requesting since the project was introduced.
#3A It is nice you made a change to allow fleet leaders to manually cancel the project themselves instead of removing it yourselves. Originally you stated the project has to be filled and the timer finished before you removed it, which would have left fleets who filled it at the last minute, but still had the timer going, at a complete and total loss to get it.
#3B Also, now you have the tech to allow fleet projects and reputation projects to be cancelled and have no excuse not to implement it later.

#4 No dual pistols for the Romulan Reputation Store?

Decreased the duration of Romulan Distress Call items.
WTF? I'm not one to spend dilithium on consumable items and, until checking the STO wiki just now, never knew how many you get. You get 1! 1250 dilithium and up just for a single use item and now, for those who like using them, you decrease the amount of time it lasts without decreasing the costs to obtain it? You also don't mention what the new duration is, leaving people to find out AFTER purchasing it. Also, these types of reputation projects don't show how many uses you get. That's why I've never purchased them. Not risking spending 1250+ dilithium on an item I might get a single use of, which turns out to be the case. Not worth it.

The Foundry daily missions have been replaced. - The existing daily missions have been removed.
Um, excuse me but WHAT foundry daily missions? You are not being specific as to which missions you are referring to. If you are referring to the "Investigate Officer Reports" (which to my knowledge was the ONLY foundry daily before) did you guys forget that a while back you turned that into a REPEATABLE mission that can be completed once every 30 minutes instead of a daily? Why aren't you being more specific?

#7 I never really cared for doing foundry missions. Not even to get fleet marks. But I share the sentiments that others have about you screwing over the rewards in this manner.
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