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02-13-2013, 10:18 PM
Originally Posted by vegeta50024 View Post
Last time I checked, the season 6 fleet actions do reward fleet marks. There are also the older ones that randomly have a daily that rewards fleet marks.
Yes. In the PVE queue there are missions marked as having a Fleet Mark reward. Federation Fleet Alert is 1. The dailies you refer to are the missions in the PVE queue that awards Dilithium/Gear. The daily mission is to complete a specific one of these missions, such as Big Dig or Gorn Minefield, and the daily rewards 50 fleet marks and 960 dilithium (on top of the dilithium you earn for completing the mission). The problem is that some of these dailies are not showing up at all for a while. I believe each is in some sort of rotation where one of the dailies is offered for a few days and then it switches to another. Example: The Big Dig daily can be offered for a week at a time before finally switching to Gorn Minefield. And I can't remember the last time the daily was for Braking the Planet ground mission (even when the daily is offered it seems like nobody does it anyway).

The daily mission for these in your Available tab of your mission window can be completed, of course, once per day. But the missions themselves can be completed as many times as you want for the regular rewards, granted each one you complete will have a 30 minute cooldown before you can do that one again.

Another thing I noticed is that, nobody seems to do any of the dilithium/gear missions in the PVE queue except for the one that has a daily being offered for it. Example: If the daily is for The Big Dig, nobody seems to be doing Gorn Minefield. The 1 exception is Starbase 24 which people seem to prefer, and I don't recall ever seeing a daily for that mission.
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