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I'm one of those who comes up with a theme for each character's ships. Though it does sometimes take a few ships to figure out what I want to do. Current ships in bold.

Science (main), named after Michigan things:
Michigan Cherry (also the captain's name in City of Heroes [R.I.P.])
Sleeping Bear
Lake Huron
Manitou (Runabout)
Isle Royale
Sleeping Bear (again--current)

Tactical, named after cryptids:
Kirin (Runabout)
Loch Ness
J'ba Fofi
J'ba Fofi (refit--current)
If I ever unpack her Breen ship, it will be the Jackalope.

Engineer, named after observatories (real and in-universe):
Mauna Loa
Xiangfen (Runabout)
Atacama (current)
Mauna Kea (planned Fleet ship name)

And I'll let you figure out the theme for my Klingon engineer:
NIchal (shuttle)
Du'an (current)
Ann Manistee Traverse - Human Science ~~ Oken Miquat - Saurian Tactical
Exin Jor - Joined Trill Engineer ~~ Vartox - Romulan Science

Dn'Dok, son of Ladok - Klingon/Romulan Engineer ~~ Mosa M'ren-faa - Ferasan Tactical
Krushan Twinn - Orion Science

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02-10-2013, 12:55 AM

1. Yakutsk - One of the coldest cities on Earth. Has Breen set on it. Get it?

2. Mixcoatl - Mesoamerican god of the hunt. Because it's an escort that hunts wascally Womulans.

3. Gamete- Because I didn't think that I could have gotten away with using "Sperm Cell" since that's what the Hope and Horizon looks like mixed up.

4. Some random Klingon ship name that I didn't pay attention to since there's no need to invest yourself in the KDF beyond finding the good sectors to maraud in.
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My spanking new Jem'Hadar HEC gets the name "Ubique" and when I get my sweaty paws on the J'H Dreadnought it will be named "Ubiquitous".

As for why, well I intend to take them everywhere <-wink-link

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U.S.S. Wolfpack.

It doesnt sound original, but Luke Minhere has been a staple character of mine for two decades. He was called the Black Wolf by an administrator on another game, over ten years ago, and thus it only fits that any group he has run is The Wolfpack, or simpley, Wolfpack.

If you ever heard the old country song, I Was A Highwayman, it makes me think of Luke. He has been through all of the ages, from UO to A o C, CoH to CO, and now Star Trek Online, not to mention many consol games. His character simply seems to fit any time well, so naturally, Wolfpack follows him.

"I fly a starship, across the universe divide,
and when I reach the other side,
I'll find a place to rest my spirit if I can,
or perhaps I may become a highwayman again,
or I may simply be a single drop of rain,
but I will remain,
and I'll be back again and again and again......" - Highwayman

"Maybe space is not the final frontier," - Luke Minhere

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02-10-2013, 08:20 AM
fffffds fwfw
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02-12-2013, 02:47 PM

USS Helmand
USS Sangin
USS Basra


USS Resolution
USS Nottingham
USS Illustrious


USS Helios
USS Corona

so you can see the themes ive got going on

also have a bird of prey called IKS Jaghl'a on my klink char, Jaghla' being klingon for 'enemy' ...i think

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My current vessel is a Mirror Vo'quv Carrier named the IKS Qeylis Ro' (Fist of Kahless). Since it usually has four Mirror B'Rotlh BoP Refits out at any given time, I think it's appropriate... five ships, one for each finger (with the Qeylis Ro' being the big middle finger pointed at the Federation).

My first redside ship was called the Nga'Chuq pIn'a'... I'll let you translate that one yourselves if you feel so inclined.

Blueside (when I still played blueside), my ships follow a common theme. There's the Sobieski, the Kosciuszko, the Pilsudski, the Husaria, and a few others I can't quite recall. All heroes or elements of Polish military history.
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USS Tiburon NCC-(1)68636: "Tiburon" means "shark" en Espanol.

IKS Norgh'a'Qun: a norgh is an acquatic predator much like a shark. The 'a'-suffix indicates greatness in the attached noun. "Qun" is the Klingon word for god. So "Norgh'a'Qun" means either "Great shark god" or "God of sharks."

All the other ships belonging to my two mains are variations on the theme. I like sharks.

My Fed Sci's ships are all named after my favorite sci-fi authors: USS Larry Niven, USS Douglas Adams, USS Robert Heinlein etc. and their registry numbers refence their name sake in some way - i.e. USS Ray Bradbury NCC-(100)471-F.

My Fed Eng started naming his ships after Space Shuttle orbiters, but there were only five besides the Enterprise, so I'll have to get creative when I get him to VA.

My KDF Tac's ships are named for Klingon birds; currently he drives the Pach raptor IKS Cha'bIp named for a type of bird noted for its speed.
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Science Officer here, but sometimes ya gotta kick Borg butt, so...

my Chimera Class Destroyer is named U.S.S. Tostausu, (Vulcan for executioner).

I have not confimed this with an actual Vulcan, but have a call in to Leonard Nimoy.
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My toon is a Terran tac officer

Fleet Patrol Escort: USS Crusader- Medieval history
Mirror Patrol Escort: ISS Trajan- Roman General and Emperor
Mirror Star Cruiser: ISS Alexander- Macedonian king who conquered the Persian Empire
Mirror Assault Cruiser: USS Repulse- British battlecruiser
Support Cruiser: USS Agincourt- Famous medieval battle
Danube class runabout: USS Flying Deathtrap

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